Kerrygold, infamous in Warwickshire!

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Kerrygold, infamous in Warwickshire!

Postby Irishcobfan » Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:40 pm

My tribute is to my first pony, kerrygold. He taught me so much and was the most beautiful chestnut pony you could imagine. At 14.1hh he often felt bigger, not to mention faster! He simply had to be the faster, the stronger and most of all he just wanted to be the boss but I miss him so much. I had him at eight years old until his last day at twenty eight and true to himself to the final day he acted like a five year old in his mind while his body was too tired to carry on, one of the reasons why I couldn't let him carry on being so frustrated. I still dream of him galloping across the field, and while I'm sad that his final days didn't allow him that wonderful freedom, I know that we had some amazing times and there are many people who still remember the times they rode him because it was fabulous and yet terrifying at the same time! My only regret is that although he taught me so much, at the time when I was small enough to ride him I didn't have all the knowledge I needed to make a real go of this superbly talented boy. He could jump, really jump. He could do tempi changes. He was better than me and he knew it and now I laugh about that because all that time, he knew best! He was a much loved soul though and I'll never forget him or his airs above the ground while we were hacking! My heart skips a beat now for a different reason when I think of him but it's not that hint of danger, it's the love I had for him.

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