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Postby cloudybay » Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:05 pm

Can you tell me what your thoughts are on supplementing feeds? I have a horse who is on Relieve and I am competing him at Medium level dressage. He is in work 6 days a week and is looking really well on the recommended levels of feed.

However I add seaweed to the feed to give him a good coat, plus a joint supplement and an iron tonic with vit B as he had a virus when he was changing his coat last autumn.

Do you think this is over the top and if so, is there something else you might suggest?


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Re: Supplements

Postby Expert_LizzieDrury » Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:41 pm


Sorry for the delayed response to your question.

Any complete feed is formulated to provide your horse with all of his nutrient requirements providing that it is fed at the recommended feeding level for that particular horses individual needs. Having said that it is recommended to add salt and strategically use electrolytes in horses that are in regular work, or use specific supplements such as joint supplements if they are needed.

The Re-Leve is a high oil feed and contains high quality protein sources that help to maintain a healthy coat and good skin condition, so I would suggest that there would be no further need to use the seaweed for this particular purpose. The seaweed is also high in naturally occuring minerals and the Re-Leve already contains elevated levels of minerals, as it is a performance feed, so providing that you are feeding the recommended feeding levels of Re-Leve you do not need to 'top' these up.

The joint supplement is a specific supplement and targeted and the Re-Leve does not contain a joint package, so yes this is fine to continue with.

Again, if you are feeding the recommended levels of the Re-Leve you should not really need to feed the Iron and B vits, especially if he is also eating a good quantity of good quality forage. The Re-Leve contains elevated levels of antioxidants, including a natural source of vitamin E, so all the things that are required to support a healthy immune system.

However, strategic use of this supplement at particular times such as coat changing time will do no harm in supporting his well being but I would not recommend prolonged use alongside the correct feeding levels of the Re-Leve.

I hope that this is of help.


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