Which Showing Class?

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Which Showing Class?

Postby Hey Hey » Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:21 am

The pony I ride for a friend, is going in for a show in March. He is hairy, grey dun, 12.1hh and has a bit of a wild mane, as his owner won't let me pull it. My instructor thinks he is more of a hunter, but without his owner letting me pull his mane, he can't be a hunter!!!
One other problem is, I only have a black show jacket. We can't afford a tweed one at the moment. Help!! Both links are of him last summer, he will be a bit fitter this year. Can't get a link to a winter one.
Thanks in advance

http://www.goldie.myzen.co.uk/details.p ... 3&pid=7203
http://www.goldie.myzen.co.uk/details.p ... 1&pid=7113

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Re: Which Showing Class?

Postby SherrindenFestivity » Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:01 pm

Hi, without knowing what classes there are on offer it is difficult to say, but if it is a local show, they usually aren't that strict about mane pulling and jackets but if they are at the show you're going to, there tends to be classes which cater for everyone such as best ridden and best all rounder. With his mane, maybe you could enter in a native breed class such as mountain and moorland? Hope the show goes well! :) x

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