Lady 16hh Bay TB MARE

Post a desperately seeking ad and find a horse you used to ride or own, or old yard mates and hacking buddies
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Lady 16hh Bay TB MARE

Postby ladymuck » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:08 pm

I am desperately searching for my old mare LADY 16HH BAY TB MARE FREEZEMARKED EOOF she has a small speck of white on her forehead, white band on her back left leg and a few white hairs on her withers. She was roughly sold about 3yrs ago to a man called Alan who kept her at CARRINGTON RIDING CENTRE, URMSTON, MANCHESTER for a short while before selling her onto a dealer called TREVOR also on the MANCHESTER area. I have lost touch of what happened to her after that. Lady isnt the easiest horse i rescued her and had her for six years she is a loving horse but takes a long time to trust people and this can cause issues in the wrong hands, she weaves very badly in the stable and can rear when you ask her something and shes not sure what both in the saddle and on the ground. She is very forward going and has been known to spin out hacking again when you ask her to pass something shes not sure about! She goes a very dark bay in winter and a very light bay in summer. If you know anything even the littlest of information good or bad i would be very very grateful i have been looking for lady since 3 months after i sold her with no luck i just want to know she is ok as i have never forgave myself for selling her i have also set a FB oage up with lots of photos of her on there put SEARCHING FOR LADY. Also photos of her in classfieds on her under searching. Thankyou Natalie.

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