Aliisa, my first favourite pony

Tell us about the first pony that stole your heart!
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Aliisa, my first favourite pony

Postby IrishCob » Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:00 pm

I can't remember when I tried riding the first time, or what pony it was, I was so little then. The first pony that I remember, and whom I regard as my first horsey love, was a small, brownish-black Shetland mare called Aliisa. I later heard from a friend who had known her a lot earlier than I had, that Aliisa used to be quite a peppery and stubborn little thing, but when I got to know her she was already 25 years old and was the calmest, sweetest little pony that could be. She was just incredibly cute, with a big white star on her forehead. She also had a pretty, tiny Western saddle! I felt I could do anything when riding her, she was so obedient and wise. Sometimes I would ride some of the other Shetland Ponies that lived at the same yard, but they were stubborn and lazy creatures, at least compared to Aliisa, who always trotted on with such energy despite her being way older than the other ponies. I remember I was so thrilled when trotting with Aliisa because for the little girl that I was back then, she was incredibly fast! :D

Now that I'm writing this, I really appreciate how much this lovely little pony meant for me. She has been dead for many, many years now, but I'd still like to thank her for the work she did. Thank you so much Aliisa, for showing me how wonderful it is to ride a horse. You showed me the path that I've been following for 12 years now.

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