spotty special! (:

Sometimes our time with special horses is all too short. Share your memories here
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spotty special! (:

Postby molly-drop » Tue May 24, 2011 3:17 pm

i grew up around horses, it was my one major love as a young child.
i lived opposite a quite friendly yard and went up for hours on end every day.
this is the story of one very special young chap!
his owner bought him from the new forest along with his sister 'chalky' we call her as foals, both of them stunning, appaloosa's with utterly magnificent, breathtaking markings. at the time of the tragedy both horses were 13 years old and had been at the same home ever since the age of 4.
as we live in quite a rural area, the owner of the livery yard granted sky television permission to film an advert in one of his fields. however he is not to be blamed for the long painful road that was ahead. he like quite a large number of middle aged men did not have much 'horsey' knowledge or interest, and it seemed perfectly fine to him to let sky film there.
little did we all know that they were filming a rocket launch for one of their grand a yard surrounded by horses. all of the horses were put into their stables for the duration of the filming, however, the scale and the volume of the 'bang' was much larger than we expected...& sadly, chalky's magnificent brother worked himself up tremendously, he paced continuously in his box for hours, and when we came to check on him, he was cowering in the corner with a awful sweat and chill, the vet was called and we were told he had twisted his gut as a result of panicking and the stress he got himself in. they took him in and a few weeks later they told us that as a result of his gut, he had in-fact developed colic, a serious case of it.
we battled with his condition for months, but sadly, we did not win, we did not feel that it was fair or doing him any good anymore and he was not embarking on the road to recovery any time soon, and so with the daunting veterinary fees becoming less and less affordable for his owner we made the heart breaking, difficult decision to put him down..

now - even though it is no consolation for the loss of such a stunning and loved animal, we got no help/ no apology from the company/ no contribution to the fee's that had to be paid.

it was a horrific tragedy, & still to this day that beautiful, young chap is dearly missed and thought about all the time. we all would like to think, he is much happier now in horsey heaven!! :)

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