Road rage: Letter to newspaper editor

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Road rage: Letter to newspaper editor

Postby admin » Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:21 am

Dear Editor

I had to run the gaunlet of a very busy road with my young horse and as a show of appreciation, I wrote into the local newspaper to thank the drivers, as a local horsewoman tragically lost her two driving ponies in an accident and she was seriously injured, however it appears that my comments were misconstrued as a threat.

I could not believe it when I was directed to the website by a friend who was appalled by the comments made by some members of the community which I wanted to share with you to try implore other riders to always be courteous to drivers as clearly we appear to be not wanted on local roads !

Evening Courier
Published Date: 02 July 2009
Daleside, Greetland

I would like to use your letters page to thank every motorist on Wakefield Road, Copley, who slowed down when I asked them to on Sunday morning (June 28) as I was forced to ride on there when my normal route was blocked. My special thanks go to the Sita wagon driver who stopped and caused a bit of a tailback so I could pass him safely.

Bearing in mind the poor lady who tragically lost her two driving ponies at Greetland, I always treat the roads with utmost caution, but had no choice on Sunday but to run the gauntlet of a busy road and, while my horse is normally reasonably quiet, all horses and ponies can spook at the strangest of things: white lines on the road, plastic bags in trees, cars with boom boxes blasting out as they speed past or dogs barking in gardens.

For those drivers who ignored my requests to slow down, you were lucky this time, one day you may find yourself with a horse's foot kicking your car.

Please pass all horses slowly, widely and with caution. They are, in essence, wild animals.

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