Still alive in mind

Sometimes our time with special horses is all too short. Share your memories here
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Still alive in mind

Postby short_reins » Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:55 pm

I am helping a woman called susan and her 4 horses but she always mentions her horse Dorpheny (its a gaelic name that ive spelt wrong). This horse did everything for her but sadly he got put down at the age of 29. from the stories shes told me hes a 1 in a million horse and did so many amazing things.. from speacial bonds to mysterious un horse like things. She clearly loves him still and still calls things as Dorpheny's head collar, Dorpheny's saddle, although they are being used for anothe horse. Also on the grave of Dorpheny ivory and other flowers have mysteriously started growing, its beautiful and Dorpheny will always be alive in spirit and mind. thank you susan

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Re: Still alive in mind

Postby Flipsy90 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:44 pm

This is such a heart warming story.
My best friend at school had horses and I used to help her with them almost everyday. I was really fond of her 2 rescue ponies; I was appalled at the state of them when she bought them and I loved showing them a bit of love and care to get them back into shape. We had so much fun over the summer and they seemed to be really enjoying life. Unfortunately they both died within a few weeks of each other and I was devastated. They really were the kindest horses I had ever known, despite what they had previously gone through. When they were cremated, I helped my friend sprinkle their ashes on the edges of the field so they would always be with us. There have been beautiful plants their ever since - I don't think that we ever lost them.

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