Stuck for where to go?

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Stuck for where to go?

Postby Kate_H&R_AssistantEd » Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:22 am

The Riding Holiday Show

If you’ve ever thought about going on a riding holiday but you’re not sure if it’s for you and would welcome the opportunity to chat to guides from around the world or are interested in what the world has to offer from the comfort of a saddle, then In The Saddle has just the thing for you.

The Riding Holiday Show is the first event of its kind and brings together guides from around the world in one easy-to-reach location.

The show takes place on 6th November at The Strand Palace Hotel in London and provides the equestrian explorer with information about the world’s best riding holidays…straight from the horse’s mouth!

“We ran a very small event last year at which we brought together a number of guides with regular travellers and it was a great success,” enthuses Olwen Law, managing director of In The Saddle. “This year we’ve opened this up and with over 20 guides confirmed already, it’s an event that anyone interested in riding holidays would be mad to miss.”

“This event allows us to showcase the most brilliant rides from around the world and gives people the chance to talk to the guides who lead the rides. They can ask them anything they like, those questions that cross your mind when you’re thinking of booking a holiday…anything from what kind of horses will I be riding to what kind of food will be available. The guides are passionate about their businesses and can’t wait to share their knowledge with those who have a shared passion for horses.”

In The Saddle’s Riding Holiday Show is in London for one day only and although tickets are free of charge, they do need to be booked in advance as numbers are limited.

For more information on The Riding Holiday Show, see To book your ticket, either fill in the form online, visit or call 01299 272997.

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