The first pony I ever rode.... Rosie

Tell us about the first pony that stole your heart!
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The first pony I ever rode.... Rosie

Postby Hey Hey » Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:55 pm

The first pony I ever rode was actually probably a beach pony or something when I was two. The first pony I properly rode was probably a brown pony called Rosie. She was probably about 12 - 13hh. She seemed so big then when I was four nearly five. I used to ride her with a lot of other people at a lovely hacking centre. It wasn't proper instruction but I will never forget it as everyone comented on how good a little rider I was! One person who always led me or walked next me said he was sure I was born in the Saddle!! I learn't from watching other people e.g. I learnt how to do rising trot from watching a lady behind me. I was never told how to do it. I have always had a good seat, now being able to sit most things my tricky pony throws at me and I used to be able to sit almost stock still on Rosie before I learnt to do rising trot.
At five, we found me a riding school were I started. The first pony I ever properly learn't on was a little brown pony called Rusty. He was around 11, 12 or 13 then and is 19, 20 or 21 now! He was around 10 - 11hh only small but a lovely cheeky character. I remeber he couldn't canter very well so would only do a few strides and then return to a fast bouncy trot! When I became a much better rider, I still rode him to give him a break from leadrein riders. It was soo funny, one I will always remember.
Murphy probably tought me the most at the riding school. A flea bitten grey, now around 22, 13-13.1hh pony. He was amazing!! Cheeky, lazy, fast, strong, excitable, jumpy, those are all his moods which would come and go. The sort of pony I love. Not straight forward, but a little difficult.
Topsy is also memorable from being a right little mardy gelding. He was like a stallion, always showing off, bucking, trying to rear but beautiful. Only 13-13.2hh and a cob but beautiful. He was the first ever horse I fell off.
Fudge. The current pony I ride for a women in my village. A difficult, 12.1hh, greydun pony. From riding a 15.3hh/16hh horse at my riding school which was one of the last horses I rode, to a 12.1hh, he seemed very small and is as I am now outgrowing him.
Other ponies include: Bluey, Buster, Hazel, Maggie, Jess. I can only remeber them but there were many many more amazing ponies just like all the ones I have mentioned. I just can't wait, after riding eight years, until I get a pony of my own.

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