The first pony I rode...Patches

Tell us about the first pony that stole your heart!
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The first pony I rode...Patches

Postby greyhorse » Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:40 pm

Patches was a lovely skewbald I rode as a child. He belonged to the riding school I started at and after a few months (probably years), I was allowed to take him on exercise rides. He was very lazy, which was great, but he would put in lots of energetic effort if it meant getting out of work, or getting back to his stable. Bucking was a strong suit, as was stopping dead from any pace to eat grass. I fashioned a pair of grass reins out of twine, and that helped keep me on longer, maybe even reduced the velocity of his bucks, too. He was lovely and I spent literally hours grooming and bothering the poor pony. I used to cut holes in apples and stuff them full of carrots to give him a gastronomic treat at the end of my lesson. I wonder what he thought of the whole process? Anyway, I adored him.

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Re: The first pony I rode...Patches

Postby Lucinda » Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:13 pm

Patches sounds gorgeous! What a pony and I bet he didn't mind all that fuss in the slightest! My first loan pony was Rufus, and he used to eat chewing gum from the floor. We'd be trotting along and suddenly he'd spot chewing gum, do an emergency stop and I'd go flying up his neck, along with his little felt saddle. I fell off him nine times in one ride once. I remember him like it was yesterday. I'd love to hear more stories from people.

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Re: The first pony I rode...Patches

Postby horse_girl » Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:31 pm

Puff was the first pony I rode, a tiny little thing but he was so game, had loads of fun on him! He gave me my first canter, my first hack, my first jump, my first gymkhana.... I owe a lot to him! Puff died some years ago sadly, but I'm sure he gave loads of other kids just as much fun as he gave me. Isn't it funny how we forget half of the horses we've ever ridden, but not the very first one

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Re: The first pony I rode...Patches

Postby Snipper » Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:09 pm

The first pony I ever rode was called Ben, or rather Bouncy Ben! He was a delicate little dark bay pony and he was extremely bouncy! I adored him and tried to book him for every lesson if he was available, but when it came to practicing sitting trot without stirrups things got a bit tricky - hardly anyone could stay on him! I remember one lesson I'd been doing pretty well without stirrups, when it all fell apart and I ended up getting bounced of and found myself landing on my hands and knees in the sand next to him! Ben was no fool, he could pull a really cute pose and be adorable when he spotted treats, but when it came to being groomed and tacked up by small children, he couldn't help having a quick nibble of them the minute their backs were turned! I think our first ride is most memorable because that's when we all became hooked on horses!

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Re: The first pony I rode...Patches

Postby Kaliska » Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:12 am

The first pony I rode was called Jock and he only had one eye! I adored him and he was lovely to ride, but I do remember an incident when a truck came down the track at the side of the school on his blind side. He spun round 360 degrees, and despite it being my first lesson off lead-rein, I managed to sit it! Not something I could do anymore!

He was so sweet and as a child I was absolutely gutted when his owner moved yards.

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Re: The first pony I rode...Patches

Postby Enola Gay » Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:06 pm

... was called Cadenza and wasn't a pony but a 16h hunter type, at a riding centre in Southern Spain. It took off like a rocket across the Andalucian landscape with me clinging on grimly in total terror. It took two weeks for the friction burns on my inner calves to start to fade!

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Re: The first pony I rode...Patches

Postby angelofthewest » Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:02 am

Enola, that sounds amazing!

I was hooked on horses before I started to ride :)
I just wanted to be on horse back all the time

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Re: The first pony I rode...Patches

Postby nlansdell » Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:31 am

I was about two years old, when I first sat on a horse, so I can't remember the horse or it's name. My first memory of riding is when I was about 7. I had a choice between riding a black cob, about 16h (I think), called Guinness, or a chestnut mare who was 17h, called Sienna. Well, there was no way my little legs would fit around Guinness' body (he was very chunky) and there was even less chance my little body would make any impact on Sienna. But being a little dare- devil, plus my love for chestnuts, I decided on riding Sienna. Fortunately my uncle owned the stables so he was confident Sienna and I would get on. Sienna, was absolutely beautiful to look at and to ride and she had the sweetest temperament. She looked after me, and listened to my voice and my body! Anyway, I fell in love with her and she became my favourite horse. Although I could not ride her every week because she was meant to be for the adults, once they had finished with her, I would spend hours grooming her and making a fuss of her.
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Re: The first pony I rode...Patches

Postby BellaII » Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:03 pm

The first time I ever sat on a pony was at the Formby Show in the late 1960s. They had pony rides and I got to have a go on a little grey pony. I loved it so much I couldn't wait for the next year (which is a very long time when you're 3!) but when it came around, no pony rides - horror! So started my campaign for riding lessons. My poor parents held out until I was 11 and then finally gave in and so I got to meet Polly, a lovely, round and hairy black pony who was very, very sweet.

Unfortunately, on my 3rd lesson I didn't get Polly and instead had CC, a bright bay pony, who proceeded break into canter and then buck me off in the stony field where we were having our lesson (no nice sand schools then!) and took off with me, foot stuck in the stirrup, bumping along behind him. Horrible pony: canter is still my bogey pace! My only consolation was that he once bucked off my friend (a much better rider) 3 times in one hack.

But it was when my friend and I started to ride a couple of ponies from the local farm that my real riding education began. I rode a strawberry roan New Forest pony called Rufus who I loved dearly despite his well-honed ability to buck, drop one shoulder and twist off to the side all in one easy (for him) move. Given I was usually riding bareback in a headcollar and he was barrel shaped with no withers I didn't stand much chance of staying on so I learnt how to fall! Ah, happy days...

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Re: The first pony I rode...Patches

Postby chrissyh » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:16 am

The first pony I ever rode was an adorable chestnut Welsh pony with a white blaze and a shaggy mane. He was called Charlie and I adored him, and begged my parents to book him for every lesson. He was a laid back, friendly pony, gentle and very sweet. He was a very smooth and slow ride, and was very steady and trustworthy. He never once bucked me off or kicked, although one time another horse in front lashed out at him and he galloped off in the other direction, leaving me helpless in the saddle. I was terrified but somehow managed to stay on! In the depth of winter when it was freezing I remember grooming him and feeding him carrots and apples. I loved that pony.
I then progressed (rather reluctantly) onto a dappled grey 16h mare called Misty. She was completely different from Charlie, more feisty and frequently bucked me off. I learned to jump on her and although I liked her I never quite liked her as much as Charlie. I wish I could see both of them now...
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