Sometimes our time with special horses is all too short. Share your memories here
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Thor was the biggest horse at my yard. At over 18hh he was truly massive. He had a bad case of colic and was taken to a veterinary school for surgey. Unfortunately, His stomach was ruptured and stomach acid entered his blood stream and he was put down. He was a gentil giant and I will never forget him.
RIP Thor.

Friendship between us is a single soul, dwelling in two bodies,
The love is so strong, I can't keep away
Your eyes call me but when I come, you disappear
I look but I do not find.
I feel your fear, I feel your loss,
I feel your saddness and your pain
But where you have gone I dispair.
Your legs are weak, you cannot come home.
You have gone.

A last twitch from that knowing ear, slowly I watch your fire disappear.
Our souls join together one last time then the spark is gone
I have found you but you are not there.
The air is free of your spirit and your soul
Your body is free of life
Your eyes no longer hold a sparkle.
You are not there

Why would this happen? You were so beautiful.
So sweet. I love you. I miss you.
My friend, my loving friend.

I heard a soft whisper pass by my ear.
"I am the wind. I am life's force. I am a part of you, and will be forever."

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