Too much fat/protein?

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Too much fat/protein?

Postby thelwellchronicles » Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:58 pm

Hello from Australia!

I just had a few queries about the suitability of what I am currently feeding my three year old thoroughbred... Firstly, is she getting too much fat/protein, secondly am I feeding two much in one go and thirdly, how can I further increase her weight?

I've had my filly for 6 months. She is a 3yo thoroughbred off the track and when she stopped racing she lost condition rapidly. I've fed her up to a point where she is no longer excessively skinny, but I'd still like to put a bit more weight on her. She lives out, is unclipped and warmly rugged in weatherbeeta filled turnout rug with a doona underneath (I live in chilly Victoria!) and is on a strict worming regime. I ride her 2-3 times a week doing a combination of hacking/fitness work and basic dressage schooling. She has a one in a million temperament and I'm not at all worried about her being fizzy or excitable.

Presently she gets....

- 2-4 scoops of oaten chaff to bulk up her feed.
- 1.25kg hygain showtorque; a concentrate feed made of mainly lupins, sunflower seeds, canola meal, pollard and lucerne (among other ingredients). Its about 20% protein and 9% fat)
- 1 cup of full fat soya meal.
- 1 cup of rice bran oil.
- About 4 biscuits of hay.
- Biotin hoof supplement (doesn't really need, just using up container)
- Small handful of rosehip granules.

I've been recommended to add a kilogram of micronized barley and increase her concentrate ration to 1.5kg although I'm worried this is just way too much protein and energy and that it exceeds her current exercise program, which I've catered to a young horse (she's still a baby!)

She eats slowly, she always finishes everything, has a very unstressful life, is very placid in the paddock and never runs around, but her weight gain has just plateaued! I would give her a condition score of 3/4.

Also, unfortunately as I live, work and study in the city, I am only able to feed once a day. Is this too much in one feed? What is the ideal amount of concentrate in a single feed? I've heard anywhere from 1-2.5kg.

I ran her diet through FeedXL which said that it was too high in protein although not enough to cause harm (!?!?!) and that she was lacking in selenium, iodine and copper. How do I increase these without adding yet another expensive balancer or supplement!?

Thanks so much for your help! I'd appreciate what ever advice you have to offer. Sorry this is so long... :D

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