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Postby Lucinda » Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:43 pm

Is anyone else's horse scared of them? I hacked my normally well-behaved mare out yesterday and she whipped round and took off when we came across someone with an umbrella. The person had to put their brolly down in the end as she was totally terrified. I guess she didn't know that it’s only a bit of fabric. It could have eaten her in her world. I gave her lots of reassurance and confidence and would remind others never to get cross with their horses in situations like this one. My mare was genuinely scared.

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Re: Umbrellas

Postby loosey » Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:54 am

I used to have a horse scared of umbrella's. With my current mare I used them as part of her desinsitisation when we were doing our ground work and she'll happily have one swung around her head now.

Must be a wierd object for a horse, same as Tarps, road signs, plastic bags etc etc. :)

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Re: Umbrellas

Postby charoo » Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:16 pm

I've had the same problem with my friends pony, someone decided to put one up next to us and he quite literally fell over, looking back it was a little amusing but at the time i wanted to strangle the guy for being so stupid, the poor thing must have wondered what on earth had happened, especially as it was a large multi coloured golf kind. And for weeks after, he would spook and then nap away refusing to go forward to the point i would have to ask the poor person to put it down and get soaking wet. Its quite a common fear for horses and i dont know why. If people are walking past the arena, you can see the tops of their umbrellas and he hates it.
I've been getting him used to them, placing them in the yard and he's not bothered at all when their down, and putting them up VERY slowly at a distance and gradually getting closer and closer, and now i can put it up about six foot away from him and then hold it over his head. But he's still a little spooky when been ridden. I wouldnt mind some expletive on this too, as we seem to have fixed the ground issue, but when riding he can still be the same, although no where near as bad.

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