Veteran conditioning

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Re: Veteran conditioning

Postby pukkapony » Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:40 am

There is also Allen & Page Calm & Condition

Its little pellets that you soak and they form a mash (perfect for gummie bears!)- they are 5* I was reccomended this by my vet for my rescue pony who was badly under weight, now she's fantastic. I also used it to give my friends pony added vits etc in the few weeks leading to him being put down from liver faliure - I know it seemed pointless but I wanted him to be as healty as possible with a full tummy, he had no teeth so it was a treat that he could eat with mashed apple and extra small chopped chaff!

It says on the packaging that its for horses in Heavy work but what it dont say is that its fantastic for underweight horses or horses lacking in condition. You don't necc have to feed the amount it says on the back, i feed mine at 50% reccomened amount and had perfect results in 4 weeks. Its also good for 'feeding up' prior to winter, i've got my old chap on 25% currently, when the bad weather comes i'll increase this to 50% dispite the fact that he wont be in work. It dosent cause fizziness either which is great.

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