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Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:21 pm
by redkitten
Hi All,
it is virtually the end of the show season, what would we all like to see more or less of next season?
Myself i'm still recovering from seeing a first ridden pony in a kimblewick and standing martingale, seriously, how can that not be disqualified as unsuitable?
Fat: fat hunters, fat cobs, fat ponies and worst of all the "i'm not fat: i'm in show condition" t-shirts. i want to see horses with rippling muscle not wobbling fat rolling from side to side with every step. how are these butterballs still placed?
if i see one more person competing a visibly lame horse i'll spit.

i am excited to see much more of the variety and excellence that has made the last season so interesting. the variety of breeds and disciplines now included in our shows is fantastic as is the expansion of events, i'm really looking forward to express eventing at hoys and i loved the number of re-trained racehorses doing themselves proud at Burghley.

most of all i think i'm looking forward to seeing more helmets. with the new BD regulations i hope that many more riders are encouraged to wear their helmets always so more of our excellent riders may continue to do what they do so well.