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Miss Molly

Posted: Thu May 26, 2011 8:42 am
by molly-drop
i am desperatley in search of my beautiful first pony molly. she is a beautiful bright bay connemara and would be about 9 or 10 years now, she has a very pure white star under her expletive, & one white foot, being one of her hind ones.
she was sold onto hayley mossop who then trained her for a couple of months before selling her on to her first home, who within 3 months returned her to hayley complaining of bucking, and misbehaving, during canter.
molly, used to take part in prince philip cup before i owned her, & is a fab jumper!
i would imagine she is still in the w/susses - e/sussex/kent area.
if you have any info, or think that miss molly may be yours please reply to this thread! :D
i would simply love to know how she is getting on & how happy she is, or not if the case may be.
thankyou! (: