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Looking for Champagne

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:01 pm
by anna_banana*
I'm looking for my first horse, just want to know if he's ok. His name is Champagne Rider, and he's an ex-racehorse, should be about 14/15 years old. He's a dark bay TB (but he goes kind of ginger in winter) and he has a very thin, wonky broken stripe down on his head and three white feet (both back and his right front). He didn't have the typical high withers of a TB and had beautiful floating paces, and a jump like a stag. In his racing career he won over £58,000 and won his last race. He had a wonderful temperment, and was such a sweetie, used to stick his tongue out at us when he saw us coming. We sold him on in january as the saddle he came with had hurt his back, as parents felt he was too much for me, but he was completely sound when we sold him - he went to a home near Mumby, Lincolnshire and he was sold on because they lost some grazing and didn't have room to keep him. I think the ad was selling him for £1200 (but ad said he was worth double if not more), and I heard he'd gone to a really good home. His pic is my new avatar - couldn't work out how to add a photo to the message. Just writing this makes me well up, he was the love of my life and my very best friend. I just want to know if he's ok, he meant the world to me.