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Please help me find my old mare SHUCKLES 14.3 DUN

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:16 pm
by Shuckles
I sold my mare Shuckles about 2 years ago to Telford/Cannock/Hendesford area the person i sold her too have now sold her on and i would like to know where and how she is, just to how she is doing as she is very VERY missed - was a sad sale and didnt know she would move from where i sold her too.
She is 14.3h mare 15 years old Dun, and very chucky cheeky mare with a lot of personality and attitude - one of a kind pony.
Her freeze mark is DO4N.
Last i heard she was with a mother and daughter and in light work and hacking as her arthritis has stopped any harder work etc.
I had her 4 years before i sold her and when i got her she come with a lot of problems esp her bolting to and from the field.
When i sold her she had just got over a front abbcess and still had a hind abbcess.
She has 3 black socks and one left hind white sock and blaze that goes to the right side of her nose.
Any infomation at all would be great as i would love to know she doing okay.
Thank you