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Travis could be heard long before he was seen

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:27 pm
by admin
We're struggling to cope with the loss of a horse who touched the hearts of everyone he met!

Travis, a Clydesdale X would be heard long before he was seen, clomping down the road. There was no mistaking it was him. Hunting, jousting, carriage driving, he would turn his hoof to anything.

For many years he was used for weddings and also for driving for the disabled, for which he received a Long Service award.

Travis's owner, Polly for health reasons could no longer look after him, and we loaned him for 13 fantastic years. Travis taught the entire family such a lot, and he would carry a novice anywhere and would slow when he read the signs, but would always go up a few gears when the rider was ready. When I rode him, he thoroughly enjoyed galloping the countryside with no brakes.

In 2008 Travis was retired at the age of 25. We turned him out and let him enjoy a well earned and deserved easy life. In 2009 he was put down as his breathing and arthritis was getting progressively worse and no expense seemed to spare him discomfort.

We are lost without him, he has left a deep hole inside the hearts of the family and those that knew him.

Horse&Rider reader J Cordey, Newbury