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When broken bones keep you away from yard life

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:41 pm
by Samiwoo
Hi there, I'm new to this and new to my circumstance. I've had my lovely boy for two years now and everything's been going great. He's my first and I've been loving being a full time DIY owner until last month when I took a tumble (totally my own fault). We were at a hunt meet when I lost my balance on a steep hill - resulting in a broken ankle, surgery and now crutches - I can't weight bear for 12 weeks (well 8 now and counting). Very fourtunately my boy was and is absolutely fine.

I'm lucky I know, and I'm also very lucky to have wonderful friends and a truly brilliant livery yard that are taking fantastic care of my boy. My instructor is riding him for me so I know he's getting tip top schooling to ease the nerves he does have since my fall and subsequent dissaperance.

I get to see my boy a few times a week when I can be driven up. So I'm seeing him, I just miss him so much! It's my first serious fall - and wondered how others cope with not being able to get to the yard every day - to do even the basics of horse care. I feel so helpless not being able to fill a haynet - let alone ride. It'll be a long journey as I'll need physio and expect I'll never fully get the heal down in the effected leg (not that I did properly before :) but I'm determined to!

Any similar experiences would help - thanks so much