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Horses for sale abroad

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:51 pm
by admin
Are you looking for horses for sale outside of the UK? Maybe you're a UK citizen moving abroad and want to find a horse for sale in your new location... Perhaps you have a penchant for Spanish, French or American horses and want to import a horse to the UK from abroad? Or perhaps you're taking a holiday abroad and want to set up a horse share while you're out there?

Good news! is your no.1 place to go for horses for sale abroad. We've got 100s of gorgeous horses and ponies from all over the world looking for a new home, both in our Horses For Sale online classified adverts, and in Horse&Rider Magazine. Who knows - one of them could be your dream horse!

Click here to start searching for horses and ponies for sale abroad today:

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