John is a Recommended Associate of the Intelligent Horsemanship Association, and can help you communicate better with your horse
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Hello H&R readers I am pleased to be a expert on your forum. You are welcome to post questions here about your horses regarding training, western riding, communication and gentle horsemanship. To find out more about me visit
I specialise in helping both horse and owners together. I have a yard in Herefordshire, Craswall opposite the Black Mountains where we work with youngsters and problem horses. I aim for lightness between horse and rider and help enhance that special relationship between you and your horse.
I look forward to your questions
Happy Trails
John Jones Black Hill Horse Training
PS: Without seeing both you and your horse I can only make suggestions. Only do what you feel safe doing and always ensure you have eliminated any sources of pain or discomfort for example tack, back and teeth.

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