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Caremaster Pro+ Fly Mask

I found the fly mask was very secure, with the double Velcro straps preventing the mask from being removed. The design of the T-shaped nylon bar allowed a lot of room between my horse’s eyes and the material, avoiding any irritation or rubbing. I like the fact that it had a reflective strip across the front of the mask and a blue LED light, which helped me locate my horse. I also liked that the nose attachment was removable. I feel that the fit of the mask was comfortable for my horse and the fleece lining added to this, however, the fleece caused him to get quite hot in it, which is a disadvantage.
I would definitely recommend this mask and found it good value for money, as there was no sign of wear and tear during my trial.
  •  T-shaped, hard nylon bar keeps a large space between the eyes and the eye piece to prevent irritation, while maximising eye protection
  • Thoroughly fleece-lined to prevent rubbing
  • 70% UV reflection and absorption by ultra-durable, PVC eye piece
  • Breathable, Velcro-safe material under the chin to allow air flow while preventing Velcro damage to the mask
  • Double Velcro straps under the chin, which make the mask stay in place
  • Soft mesh ear covers
  • Blue LED light to help locate your horse when it’s dark, powered by button battery and can last 48 hours

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