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Leovet 5-star detangler

Leovet 5-star detangler

Formulated with arginine for better hair growth and wheat pentavitin to help prevent itching and dry skin.

“Lovely smell – not overpowering, yet it holds for some time. Not sticky and leaves a lovely shine on the tail. Its detangling effect was long-lasting.”

Magic Brush Wash&Shine Sensitive shampoo

Magic Brush Wash&Shine Sensitive shampoo

Silicone-free and pH neutral, with added aloe vera and 100% natural ingredients, including nourishing oils to reinforce hair, and a non-irritant formula


The verdict: “Pricey, but gentle and offers great results.”

“It made my horse’s coat shine, and left him feeling soft and smelling lovely for a couple of days after bathing. The shampoo is quite thick, which makes it harder to spill, and it’s simple to apply. It lathered up well and rinsed off easily. I was disappointed that the paper label started rubbing off due to it getting wet.”


Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler

Non-sticky, non-oily formula seals and coats the hair and prevents breaking while repelling dirt.

Tel: 01634 257150 www.nettexequine.co.uk

“We liked the option of turning the nozzle off to avoid leaks. A really effective detangler, however it needed to be reapplied every day to maintain the effect.”


Hilton Herbs High Horse blue shampoo

Formulated to brighten the white hair in your horse’s coat, and for lifting the yellow out of the white tails and removing stable stains.

Tel: 0800 2941250 www.hiltonherbs.com

“This producted lasted a long time and was very good at removing black grime from grey ears. Buy if you want a dilute solution shampoo. If applied directly to the coat, it can be hard to rinse off.”


Leovet Power shampoo dark

Contains walnut syrup and is suitable for all hair types, leaving a healthy sheen. Built-in UV filters prevent the coat from fading.

Tel: 028 38314570 www.agrihealth.co.uk

“It left my horse’s coat feeling clean and looking glossy, and I loved the smell. It lathered well and was easy to rinse out. Easy to use and brightens bay coats.”


Gold Label Colour Enhancing shampoo

Formulated to highlight the colour of any horse, particularly effective on blacks and greys.

Tel: 01303 872277 www.goldlabeluk.com

“The bottle lasted a long time and, applied directly, grass stains came out first time. Buy if you want your horse to be shown clean and tidy. “


Equimins Red shampoo

Created for chestnut horses to help thoroughly clean the coat and improve the depth of colour.

Tel: 01548 5331770 www.equimins.com

“The shampoo was quite thick, which makes it easy to handle and harder to spill. One application and a quick rinse left a particularly greasy part-native feeling completely clean. Buy if you want your horse to be clean and shiny.”


Vetrolin White ‘n brite shampoo

Optical brighteners bring out the brilliance in white and light-coloured coats. Its pH balanced and highly concentrated.

“Removed even stubborn stable stains when applied neat. Buy if you want a competition-clean, shiny finish. Its thick consistency meant I did lose quite a lot in the application and it’s quite expensive to use regularly, but did the job.”


Cowboy Magic Shine in Yellowout

Useful for grey or light-coloured horses, it removes stubborn marks that have built up over time and caused hair to discolour.

Tel: 01825 840002 www.worldwidetack.com

“Effective brightener and seemed to stop new stains forming on the coat. Buy if your horse is really stained. It can be tricky to apply by hand, I lost quite a bit to the floor.”


Lincoln Magic White horse shampoo

Created for whitening the coat of grey and white horses.

Tel: 01522 529206 www.lincoln-equestrian.com

Created for whitening the coat of grey and white horses.


Alto Lab Shimmering White shampoo

A purple shampoo to provide ultimate brilliance and whitening to grey and white horses.

Tel: 01522 529206 www.battles.co.uk

“This really worked on my very white horse. It was easy to apply and was one of the easiest to rinse off. Buy if you want your horse’s mane and tail to feel in great condition. My hands felt a little bit dry after use.”


Wahl Copper Tones shampoo

The colour enhances revitalise and refresh the natural red and brown pigmentation within the hair, leaving the coat bright, silky and shining.

Tel: 01227 744330 wahl.co.uk

“The smell was pleasant and after a second wash my horse was even shinier. The price was really good, too. Good for regular use on Chestnut Coats.”


Absorbine Showclean shampoo

Lifts out dirt any stains, but doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or bleach. Its whitening and brightening action leaves greys sparkling and enriches other coat colours.

“Made my horse really white as it removes stubborn stains and it was really easy to apply. A good value shampoo.”


NAF Show Off shampoo

Provides a deep clean that makes your horse’s coat shine and smell beautifully clean.

Tel: 01600 710732 www.naf-equine.eu/uk

“A little goes a long way and it really got the yellow out of my horse’s tail. Buy if you want an everyday shampoo for stable stains. Quite a thin consistency, so it’s better applied using a sponge than by hand.”


Grooms Choice Super Black shampoo

A concentrated shampoo containing coconut oil to produce a high-gloss sheen on the coat.

“The amount required to produce a good wash was minimal. Buy if you want a pre-show quality wash for very dark coats. “


Nettex Whitening shampoo

Optical whiteners produce colour enhancements for greys, whites and coloured horses.

Tel: 01634 257150 nettexequine.com

“Really worked well on grass and mud stains.Buy if your grey horse loves to roll in the mud. I kept losing the cap as it’s a twist-off one.”


Gallop Colour Enhancing shampoo for bay horses

Intensifies the natural coat colour while cleaning and conditioning.

Tel: 0845 5004040 www.carrdaymartin.co.uk

“Effectively cleaned my horse without having to use a lot of the product. It’s a great everyday shampoo.”


Fiebing Blue Frost Whitening shampoo and conditioner

Contains special brightening agents to enhance white and grey hair, while targeting tough stable and grass stains with ease.

Tel: 01565 650343 abbeyengland.com

“The added aloe vera made my skin feel fab after bathing my ponies. Buy if you have grubby greys or white socks.”


Mark Todd Bright White de-staining shampoo

Developed especially for grey horses, it’s formulated to clean and condition white and grey coats gently and effectively, without drying or damaging the hair and skin.

Tel: 01303 872277 wefi.co.uk

“It worked and I didn’t use much in each wash. It’s good value. It’s quite watery, so it’s easy to waste if you’re not careful.”


Veredus Biocare Blue Snow Shampoo

This extra-strong shampoo has cleaning properties specifically designed for white and grey horses.

Tel: 01352 763350 zebraproducts.co.uk

“Cleaned my very white horse really well. Buy if you want good quality shampoo for occasional use. More money than I’d usually pay for a shampoo.”

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