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For some horses, the mere mention of winter causes them to shed 10kg of bodyweight overnight. And, while we may all be wishing we shared a similar metabolism, it doesn’t soften the reality that keeping a healthy weight on your horse can be a challenge. Luckily, there’s a wealth of higher-calorie feed options that’ll promote optimum condition, muscle development and provide all-round great nutrition. H&R takes a look at what’s in your local tack shop. Price per day is based on the recommended rate of feeding for a 500kg horse in medium work

Omega Rice

£32.60 for 20kg

Stabilised rice bran and linseed feed that’s high in oil and cereal-free. Provides energy without fizz and contains vitamin E to support overall health.


  • £0.82 per day

Simple System TopGain

£32.50 for 20kg

High-protein feed made with lucerne and linseed, designed for optimum muscle maintenance and to boost condition without adding fizz. 


  • £0.82 per day

Red Mills Define & Shine

£30 for 18kg

Protein-rich pellets containing key amino acids. High levels of oil to promote coat shine and health. Omega-3 fatty acids to help support joint, immune and respiratory health. 


  • £0.83 per day

British Horse Feeds Fibre-Beet

From £19.09 for 20kg

Quick-soaking, high-fibre feed with a combination of beet pulp, quality alfalfa, oat fibre, biotin and peppermint. Good for horses with poor dentition, and those prone to gastric ulcers.


  • £0.95 per day

TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer 

From £49.95 for 20kg

Grain-free with a multi-supplement that includes micronutrients and digestive aids, as well as quality protein to promote muscle development and topline without the fizz. 


  • £1.25 per day

Allen & Page Care & Gain 

From £18 for 20kg

Made from high-quality protein with added vitamin E and C, plus pre- and probiotics. Promotes controlled weight gain and supports muscle development. Suitable for those prone to laminitis. 


  • £1.80 per day

Saracen Condition-Improver Cubes 

£19.50 for 20kg

Palatable, highly digestible formula, containing super-fibres and oil for slow-release, controlled energy. Includes Equi-jewel for an extra calorie boost. 


  • £1.95 per day

Rowen Barbary Solution Mash

£20.96 for 20kg

High-fibre, palatable mash that’s cereal- and molasses-free. Contains high levels of oils and key antioxidants to support condition and weight gain, with added digestive enhancers and natural herbs. 


  • £2.09 per day

Dodson & Horrell Build Up Conditioning Mix

£21.05 for 20kg

High in oil, fibre, and protein to provide slow-release energy and help promote topline and muscle development. Added probiotics for hindgut function.


  • £2.10 per day

Equerry Conditioning Mash

£18.25 for 20kg

Quick-soaking mash made using sugar beet with linseed and oil. Promotes muscle development and topline while supporting a healthy digestive system.


  • £2.28 per day

Balanced Show Mix  

£19.99 for 20kg

Formulated for weight gain without fizz and to promote condition, with soya oil to enhance coat shine.


  • £2.50 per day

Dengie Alfa-A Oil

£20.75 for 20kg

Molasses-free, high in fibre and calories to promote condition, healthy coat shine, and weight gain. Added rapeseed oil provides slow-release energy without excitability.


  • £2.52 per day

Spillers Digest+ Conditioning Cubes

£18.15 for 20kg

Molasses-free formula made with fibre and oil to provide slow-release energy. Builds condition while maintaining a healthy digestive system, with added pre- and probiotics.


  • £2.72 per day

Baileys Ease & Excel Cubes

From £18.75 for 20kg

Made from super-fibres and oil to promote condition while encouraging a calm temperament. Designed to build topline and support gastric and digestive health.


  • £3.38 per day

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