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We all know that fibre is important for our horses. In fact, your horse should be consuming at least 1.5% of his bodyweight in fibre every day to maintain his health. While the majority of this is likely to be made up of grass and other forage sources, these are often lacking in vital nutrients such as zinc, copper and selenium. This means that your horse requires something extra in his diet to make sure he’s able to perform at his best. When fed at the recommended quantity, a complete fibre-based feed or a fibre feeding system comprising a chopped fibre and a balancer are two solutions that provide all the vitamins and minerals your horse needs. Whichever route you choose, each feed on the market will have its own set of benefits, so read on to find the one that’s perfect for your horse. All the feeds or feeding systems included in this guide are fibre-based, free from cereal grains and offer a complete, balanced diet when fed at the recommended daily quantity. We’ve calculated the price per day based on feeding a 16hh, 550kg horse in medium work. TOP TIP Fibre is important for maintaining gastric health. Research has shown that being denied forage for more than six hours significantly increases the risk of gastric ulcers.

Fulmart Chill Out condition cubes

£9.25 for 20kg


These high-fibre cubes are non-heating and contain soya to enhance condition for a healthy, glossy coat and good muscle tone. Live yeast supports efficient digestion.

Price per day: £0.93

Castle Horse Feeds High Fibre cubes

£7.99 for 20kg


High-fibre, low-starch and low-sugar cubes designed to promote hindgut health. Yeast metabolites support beneficial bacteria and enhanced fibre fermentation.

Price per day: £1

Rowen Barbary Forage ‘n’ Fibre

£10.30 for 20kg


A mix containing a blend of natural fibres. It supplies all the essential vitamins and minerals your horse needs while keeping calories to a minimum.

Price per day: £1.03

Allen & Page Fast Fibre

From £8.40 for 20kg


A soaked feed with a combined sugar and starch level of 7.5%, making it suitable for horses prone to laminitis. Made without barley or molasses, it contains prebiotics for healthy digestion.

Price per day: £1.05

Super Molichop Bloom

£9.99 for 15kg


A high-oil fibre feed that contains a balancer to promote show condition and shine. Includes pure protected yeast and probiotics. Biotin, zinc and methionine are included for healthy hoof growth.

Price per pay: £1.33

Equerry High Fibre cubes

£8.95 for 20kg


Low-calorie cubes that contain low levels of sugar and starch. Ideal for good-doers, they can be soaked and are suitable for elderly horses as a hay replacer.

Price per day: £1.34

Dodson & Horrell Pasture cubes

£9.85 for 20kg


Ideal for horses in medium work, they provide energy without excitability. The cubes can be fed wet or dry, and contain added mint and garlic for palatability.

Price per day: £1.63

Falcon Equine Feeds Fibre 

Care mix

£9.90 for 18kg


A high-fibre mix that’s suitable for those prone to laminitis. Includes a supplement to help maintain hoof integrity.

Price per day: £1.65

Spillers Happy Hoof

£12.75 for 20kg


A low-calorie, short-chop forage with low levels of sugar and starch. It includes biotin for hoof condition and is approved by the Laminitis Trust.

Price per day: £1.91

Dengie Healthy Tummy

£11.82 for 15kg


Pure alfalfa with a rapeseed oil coating and added herbs, prebiotics and Protexin to maintain gut health. Free from molasses and preservatives, it carries the BETA EGUS approval mark.

Price per day: £1.97

Saracen Re-leve

From £16 for 20kg


A low-sugar and low-starch mix that uses superfibres and oils to provide slow-release energy. Formulated to replace cereal-based hard feed, it has added blackcurrant for improved palatability.

Price per day: £2

Pure Feed Company Pure Working

£13.99 for 15kg


A medium-calorie, slow-release energy feed that’s free from molasses, alfalfa and barley. Rapeseed oil and superfibres, including micronised sugar beet pulp, provide sustained, controlled energy.

Price per day: £2.05

Cavalor FiberForce

£12.10 for 15kg


A high-fibre, high-fat mix that’s free from whole grains and contains low levels of sugar and starch. Probiotics and a supplement to aid digestion are also included. Suitable for horses prone to laminitis.

Price per day: £2.22

Simple System SimplyComplete

£20 for 20kg


A pellet feed combining forages, a balancer and mint. It’s free from molasses, pulses, soya, preservatives and additives, is non-heating and provides slow-release energy. Supports healthy gut function, strong hooves and a healthy coat.

Price per day: £2.50

Baileys High Fibre Complete Nuggets

£11.50 for 20kg


Chunky, high-fibre cubes designed to encourage chewing. With quality protein and highly digestible fibre from alfalfa, it contains essential oil extracts to tempt fussy feeders and softens easily in water.

Price per day: £2.88

Fibre feeding systems

These fibre feeding systems include a balancer as a source of vitamins and minerals, and a chopped fibre to add bulk and provide additional calories. This means you can adjust the amount of chopped fibre you’re feeding to match your horse’s weight and workload, but as long as he’s still being fed the recommended quantity of balancer, he’ll still receive a complete, balanced diet.

Baileys Light Chaff and Lo-Cal balancer

Light Chaff £10 for 15kg

Lo-Cal balancer £25 for 20kg


Baileys Light Chaff is a low-sugar, low-calorie chaff that encourages chewing and provides bulk. A blend of UK-grown alfalfa and oat straw, it contains no added molasses or sugar, and includes dried mint and soya oil. Lo-Cal balancer supplies nutrients without the calories of a traditional mix or cube. It’s ideal for good-doers and horses prone to laminitis.

Price per day: £1.34

TopSpec TopChop Sport and Comprehensive feed balancer

TopChop Sport £12.25 for 15kg

Comprehensive feed balancer £38.25 for 20kg


TopChop Sport is a mixture of alfalfa and meadow grass, dressed with a light coating of soya oil, that contains no added molasses. Comprehensive feed balancer is low in sugar and starch, and includes a broad-spectrum supplement, a hoof supplement, generous levels of antioxidants and digestive aids.

Price per day: £1.54

Dengie Alfa-A Oil and Performance+ balancer

Alfa-A Oil £15.29 for 20kg

Performance+ balancer £29.23 for 15kg


Alfa-A Oil is a pure alfalfa fibre feed with a rapeseed oil coating. It carries the BETA EGUS approval mark, meaning it’s suitable for horses prone to gastric ulcers. Performance+ balancer includes glucosamine for joint support, B vitamins for energy metabolism and prebiotics to aid digestion. Both products contain no added sugar, and are free from molasses, cereals, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients.

Price per day: £2.98

Spillers Alfalfa-Pro Fibre and Original Multi balancer

Alfalfa-Pro Fibre £13.99 for 20kg

Original Multi balancer £33.99 for 20kg


Alfalfa-Pro Fibre is a conditioning alfalfa blend with oil and carries the BETA EGUS approval mark for feeds suitable for horses with gastric ulcers. Original Multi balancer is rich in amino acids, including lysine and methionine, to support muscle development and topline. It also provides immunity support and is high in antioxidants, while probiotic live yeast and prebiotics support digestive health.

Price per day: £3.30

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