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Your horse’s gut is his power station, and it’s from here that all of the nutrients you feed are dished out to the rest of his body. However, problems arise when his gut stops working at its best, most commonly if his digestive environment becomes too acidic. Keep him firing on all cylinders by supporting his digestive system with some tummy-friendly feeding. When analysing your horse’s feedbags, look out for…

  • starch content In itself, starch isn’t a problem for many horses. However, overfeeding starch can lead to it entering your horse’s digestive system undigested, which can increase the pH of his hindgut, upsetting the natural balance
  • pre- and pro-biotics A popular addition to feeds, pre- and probiotics help to maintain a healthy gut environment. Prebiotics promote the natural growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and probiotics supports digestive health in the hindgut
  • BETA Assurance Mark Feeds carrying the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Assurance Mark to help owners identify feeds suitable for horses and ponies prone to equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS)
  • forage and fibre The unique structure of your horse’s digestive system is perfectly suited to maximising the affects of fibre and forage. Having ad-lib access to forage, or a fibre-based forage replacer or bucket feed, will increase acid-neutralising saliva production, buffering the acidic conditions
  • oil A horse’s natural diet wouldn’t contain high amounts of oil or fat, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beneficial to them. For a horse sensitive to starch, it may be easier to digest and a safer source of energy than starchy cereals

A healthy gut equals a healthy horse, so whether you’re hoping to maintain your horse’s overall health, or offer a little more specialised support, take a look at our pick of digestive products…

Allen & Page Soothe & Gain

A low-starch, low-sugar soaked feed that’s been awarded the BETA Assurance Mark. This high-calorie feed is great for horses in hard work or who need to maintain or gain condition. Also contains antacids and acid-buffering minerals magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate.


RRP: from £10.99 for 15kg

Baileys Ease & Excel

Ease & Excel is made with quality protein, vitamins and minerals. Promoting slow release energy, the in-feed formula is ideal for the sensitive or stressy horse with moderate to high calorie requirements.


RRP: £13 for 15kg

Dengie Healthy Tummy

A balanced feed that provides around 10x less starch than a medium energy mix or cube. Carrying the BETA Assurance Mark, this feed is molasses-free and contains Protexin In-Feed Formula to supply prebiotics and yeast to maintain gut health.


RRP: £12.06 for 15kg

Dodson & Horrell Elite Sport Muesli

This low-starch and sugar, oat-free muesli is perfect for competition horses prone to digestive disorders. Its high oil content aids condition and is an ideal source of slow release energy. With additional key amino acids, the feed supports muscle development and repair.


RRP: £16 for 20kg

Fine Fettle Happy Tummy Natural Charcoal

By absorbing and removing acidic toxins from your horse’s hind gu, Happy Tummy Natural Charcoal helps balance the pH (acid/alkaline balance) of the digestive system. The formula provides neutralising properties to an increasingly acidic environment.


RRP: £20.50 for 500g

Global Herbs Gut Support

Designed to support healthy digestion and appetite through its blend of pre- and pro-biotics, the formula helps maintain the levels of good bacteria in the gut. It’s quick-acting and concentrated, and can be fed routinely everyday.


RRP: £24.15 for 500g

Pro-equine Ulsa-Soothe

Ulsa-Soothe provides a soothing protective layer to the stomach. The powerful, fast-working ingredients include slippery elm, seabuckthorn and aloe vera, which have been included to support healthy digestion, appetite and mood.


RRP: £25.95 for 500ml

Science Supplements Gut Balancer

The BETA award-winning product contains protected live yeast to improve hindgut function. Gut balancer is a new and improved combination of pre- and pro-biotics to maximise gut health.


RRP: £34.99 for 1.5kg

TopSpec Digestive Aid

Containing vitamin B12 and high levels of probiotic yeast, the supplement works to optimise digestive health and stimulate appetite. The formula contains grass and mint leaves to boost palatability. Affects on appetite and digestion will start to show within just two days.


RRP: £30.50 for 3kg

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