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Cracked hooves? Crumbly feet? Check out H&R's round-up of hoof care products.

The products


Gold Label solid hoof oil

Contains 10% cod liver oil for extra hoof health.

“Easy to apply to the hoof, not messy like liquid hoof oils, but dirt can easily get into the tub if the brush isn’t clean. My mare’s hooves have never looked better since using this product. It’s a great product at an excellent price.”


NAF Profeet hoof moist

Formulated to sustain the moisture content of the hoof and allow natural fluctuation of moisture levels.

Tel: 0800 373106

“Stays on well and dries quickly, it helps protect the hoof from splitting and cracking. It also lasts a while so it’s good value for money. It’s easy to apply and great value for money, it really helps feet stay healthy. I would like a label on the top of the pot so its easier to identify in a grooming kit. It’s very messy to apply.”


Nettex traditional hoof oil

A non-spirit oil that will nourish and protect, while allowing hooves to breathe and still function at their best.

Tel: 01634 257150

“The built-in brush stops me getting too messy. It has great coverage, care and looks fab. A brilliant product. However it can spill easily.”


Equine America Fungatrol hoof dressing

Conditions the hoof and contains ingredients to repel thrush, improve condition and moisturise.

Tel: 01403 255809

“Excellent product, easy to work with and a really good product. It is quite expensive, it would be good if you could buy a larger tub.”


Equimins hoof conditioning grease

A rich, nourishing formulation to protect hooves from the elements.

Tel: 01548 531770

“An excellent, well-balanced product that is very good at stopping the hoof cracking. It is excellent with no downsides at all. Can go hard in cold weather, which makes it difficult to use.”


Silverfeet hoof balm

Made from a unique blend of natural ingredients and silver ions designed to keep hooves in great condition.

Tel: 01609 760246

“Smells nice and does what it says it will, my horse’s feet are healthier now than with any other oils I’ve tried. I make sure I don’t get it on his white socks so it doesn’t stain. It is very effective and does what it says on the tin.”


Lincoln Classic green hoof grease

Contains laurel oil to nourish dry, brittle hooves and provide added protection in all weathers.

Tel: 01522 529206

“Easy to use and easy to paint on, it helps to prevent infections and cracking and is good value for money. It isn’t easy to get off.”


Absorbine Hooflex

Contains nine therapeutic ingredients to maintain the pliability of the hoof.

“It smells lovely and has been good in dry and wet weather, I think it’s excellent for my horse’s hooves and because it’s natural, it gives hooves a nice shine!”


Kevin Bacon’s original hoof dressing

Made with a gentle acting chemical formula, it’s formulated to improve the molecular structure of the hoof.

Tel: 01373 827649

“Great for starting or maintaining a barefoot horse, it works, is easy to apply and lasts a long time and you only need to use it sparingly so it lasts a long time. The shape of the bottle makes it easy to knock over.”


Effol hoof ointment

Ensures healthy hoof growth and has a disinfecting effect.

“Keeps hooves strong and gives them a nice colour. Stays on for quite a long time and it’s pretty water-resistant and stays on feet very well and aids hoof growth.”


Absorbine SuperShine

Gives hooves a magnificent mirror – like finish and dries in less than 60 seconds.

“Makes feet super-black, perfect for shows. Stays on, keeps hooves clean, dries quickly. It is long-lasting and gives a great shine in the show ring. However, it can be hard to remove, and the black can stain your hands.”


NAF hoof oil

Designed to give the hoof a naturally polished look.

Tel: 0800 373106

“It comes in a good container so it doesn’t spill, it lasts a long time and makes my pony’s feet look amazing. Giving healthy–looking hooves for a few days after application, provided there isn’t too much mud! It provides a good, polished look and enhances the natural appearance of the hoof.”


Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine daily hoof dressing

A nourishing, cornucrescine-based product for daily use. Comes with an integral brush for easy application.

Tel: 0845 5004040

“Keeps my horse’s feet looking good, works to strengthen hooves and I’ve also used it on healed wounds to prevent white hair growing, it really works!”

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