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Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure cream
Barrier products stop mud from making contact with vulnerable skin

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure cream
Scientifically proven to kill the bacteria responsible for mud fever.
RRP £17.99 for 200g

Aniwell FiltaBac
This robust antibacterial cream protects against damage to skin.
RRP from £5.58 for 50g

Horse Shield
The natural antibacterial agents assist skin hygiene, providing extra protection for wounds and skin lesions.
RRP from £5.50 for 50ml

Carr & Day & Martin Protection Plus
This antibacterial ointment with a citronella scent is ideal to protect and waterproof wounds, and act as a barrier.
RRP £12.25 for 500g

Equine America Magic Mud formula
This soothing antifungal and antibacterial cream can be applied regularly for healthy hooves and legs.
RRP £15.99 for 400ml

 Equimins Mud Block lotion
Helps provide a barrier between your horse’s skin and the mud, and contains colloidal silver to support skin health. It’s particularly useful for horses with heavy feathering.
RRP £12.95 for 500ml

Cavalor MudDoc
This 100% natural ointment helps stop bacteria from attaching to the skin.
RRP £50 for 400ml tub

Veredus Biocare Neo Derma cream
Contains collagen and hazel extracts to nourish and restore the epidermis of dry and sore skin.
RRP £23 for 250ml

Stinky Stuff
Provides an antibacterial and antifungal barrier to protect against wet and muddy conditions.
RRP £19.99 for 500ml

Pettifers Leg Shield
Comprehensive protection for the legs and lower body from mud. Reduces the ability of mud to stick to your horse’s coat.
RRP £8.96 for 400g

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