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We’ve tested a range of boots for you to keep your horse's legs safe and sound

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Veredus E-vento cross-country boots

Lightweight, protective boots with breathable, micro-perforated neoprene and mesh-ducted fabric
Sizes: M–L
RRP front £110, back £120

“These boots were an excellent fit. They look fantastic, with well-designed protection in all the right places, and didn’t restrict my horse’s legs. They were a bit heavier than I was expecting for the price, but they don’t hold any water, slip or twist. The Velcro is tough, but can be a bit of a fiddle to get straight initially.”


Majyk Equipe Colour Elite Series cross-country boots

Breathable, flexible boots with foam that hardens when struck to disperse energy
Colours: Black, turquoise, orange, blue or red
Sizes: M–L
RRP front £80, back £95

“These boots were true to size. I love the look of them, especially the colours. The protection from the technical materials gave me peace of mind when out jumping bigger fences. I was very impressed by the screen, which stopped dirt and grit getting through the mesh outer, even after fast work on sandy tracks. An investment, but well worth it for the competitive rider.”


BR Equestrian Pro Mesh cross-country boots

Shock-absorbing boots with a bacteria-resistant, waterproof foam lining, and two Velcro straps that can be trimmed to size
Size: Full
RRP £52.50

“The boots were true to size and moulded well to my horse’s legs. I found them a bit tricky to fit to start with, as the straps need to be quite tight to stop them slipping or twisting. The mesh outer is very flexible and the inside is soft, but the edging is quite stiff. I would’ve preferred the softer foam to go all the way to the edges for comfort. A flexible training boot, but would be better with softer edging.”


Horze Impact Flexi strike-guard boots

Breathable, lightweight boots with a hexagonal hole pattern to help reduce weight, and increase flexibility and airflow
Sizes: M–L
RRP £49.99

“These boots were a good fit for my Thoroughbred and didn’t slip or twist. I really liked the flexibility of the tendon guard and how light the boots are. They didn’t hold water and dried out quickly. The Velcro straps are long and fiddly to do up straight, but felt very secure. Secure, lightweight protection with good, but slightly fiddly straps.”


Mark Todd Pro Mesh cross-country boots

Non-absorbent boots, featuring an integrated, flexible strike guard
Sizes: M–L
RRP £44.99

“The front boots were true to size, but the hinds were a bit small for my sport horse’s legs. They’re very lightweight, and his legs were cool and dry after work. They washed off easily and dried quickly. They can’t be machine washed, which is a shame. I liked the tendon guard, but I would prefer a tougher strike pad.”


Kramer Michael Jung event boots

Lightweight boots with leather reinforcements, lined with shock-absorbing, waterproof foam
Sizes: M–L
RRP front £44.90, back £59.90

“These boots were easy to put on with strong fastenings, and I liked the protection from the kick plates. The fronts were true to size, but the hinds were quite wide. My horse has quite fine legs and the hind boots creased above his fetlock after several uses.”


Woof Wear event boots

Breathable, neoprene boots with integrated shin and tendon protection, and padded strike areas
Sizes: S–L (front), M–XL (back)
RRP £44 per pair

“These boots were true to size and came with very useful fitting instructions. They felt sturdy and fitted my horse’s legs well, even though she’s quite fine-boned, and I felt confident that they would offer good protection. The double strap made them a bit fiddly to put on and take off quickly, and I had to adjust them a few times to make sure they didn’t slip.”


Shires Equestrian Arma cross-country boots

Contoured boots to protect tendons and ligaments, with abrasion-resistant strike pads
Sizes: Cob – extra-full
RRP front £43.50, back £41.99

“These boots were an excellent fit. The hind boots look quite long, but covered his cannon bones and tendons well without rubbing or hindering his movement. The moulding inside the boot is really soft and made them easy to fit, and there is a slot for the back of the leg that also stopped them from slipping or twisting. A little bulky, but fantastic protection and good value for money.”


WeatherBeeta cross-country boots

Lightweight and breathable, shaped to the leg with a strike pad to protect the tendons
Sizes: Pony–warmblood
RRP front £39.99, back £42.99

“The boots were a good fit for my chunky sport horse and stayed put through fast training work without slipping or twisting. They didn’t hold water at all and washed very well after. They’re lightweight, but are quite bulky-looking.”

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