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Our testers put a range of fly masks to the test - see what they thought here.

The products

Equilibrium Field Relief Max fly mask

Equilibrium Field Relief Max

Strong mesh with sponge padding and shaped darts for eye clearance.

Sizes: XS – XL

UV protection: 80%

The verdict: Offers a close, comfortable fit for maximum protection all summer.

“The elasticated sections meant the mask fitted snugly around my horse’s face. Despite the close fit and lack of fleece binding, it didn’t rub his sensitive skin and he stayed cool in warm weather. The mesh didn’t touch his face and held its shape, plus it was easy to clean and lasted well – I’d definitely recommend it.”

Felix Buhler basic fly mask

Felix Bühler Basic

A light, fitted fly mask with a fleece trim and extra-soft mesh ears.

Sizes: XXS – XL

The verdict: A comfortable design that stays secure, even during playtime antics.

“The fly mask fitted my horse well, although the straps were quite long and I had to trim the ends. He was comfortable wearing it and the fluffy trim meant that it didn’t rub. It stayed secure on his face, despite lots of field antics with his pals, although its colour showed the dirt. He’ll be able to wear it again this summer and I’d buy it again.”

Shires Fine Mesh with Ears fly mask

Shires Fine Mesh with Ears

Made from strong mesh with fleece padding at the seams.

Sizes: small pony – extra-full

UV Protection: 90%

The verdict: Offers a snug fit in a colour that will help your horse stand out from the crowd.

“The lightweight ear netting kept my horse cool and I liked the elasticated edge, which offered a snug fit that flies couldn’t penetrate. However, I’d have preferred the mesh over the eyes to have more structure, as I found it could collapse during the day. After lots of use it’s still in reasonably good condition.”

Bucas Buzz-off full face fly mask

Bucas Buzz-off Full Face

Features an extended nose cover for extra protection and elasticated straps.

Sizes: XXXS – XL

UV Protection: 80%

The verdict: An innovative design that offers all-over protection.

“I was very impressed with the mask and my horse seemed comfortable wearing it. It offered lots of protection, although the curved nose got dirty where it covered his nostrils. The mask stayed in place even when he wore it all day. It still looks almost new after lots of washing and wear.”

Premier Equine Fly Mask

Premier Equine Buster

Made from lightweight polyester mesh with anti-rub bindings.

Sizes: XXS – XL

UV Protection: 70%

The verdict: Effective protection for sensitive horses if you’re on a budget.

“My horse is a magnet for flies, but this mask gave him plenty of protection. It held its shape well and didn’t rub his sensitive skin. The Velcro fastening was really secure, but I found bits of grass could get caught in it and they were quite fiddly to remove. Overall I’m really pleased with it and he should be able to wear it again this summer.”

Horseware Rambo Plus with Vamoose fly mask

Horseware Rambo Plus with Vamoose

Durable mesh with insect control technology and raised eye protection.

Sizes: small pony – horse

UV protection: 60-70%

The verdict: A clever design that helps to deter even the most persistent of insects. 

“This mask proved really effective. The fly repellent treatment was a big bonus, as I found I didn’t need to use as much fly spray. Although the material was quite thick, my horse didn’t sweat in hot weather and it was really robust. It’s showing no signs of damage after a whole summer of use and I’d buy it again.”

HKM anti-fly with nose protection fly mask

HKM Anti-fly with nose protection

Anti-rip mesh with a removable nose net, soft lining and extra room over the eyes.

Sizes: S – XL

The verdict: A super-tough mask that’s ideal for destructive horses.

“The best thing about this mask is how robust it was. My horse has ripped his last few, but this one is still intact after lots of wear. However, the material was quite thick and stiff, and he managed to remove it several times, even though the fastenings stayed secure. The removable nose net was a useful feature.”

LeMieux Comfort Shield fly mask

LeMieux Comfort Shield Regular Standard

Includes a Merino lambswool lining at the brow and a padded nose for extra comfort.

Sizes: S – XL

UV Protection: 95%

The verdict: A durable fly mask that stands up well to plenty of wear.

“I was delighted with this fly mask. It provided great protection and lasted really well. My horse wore it comfortably for long periods, the fastening was robust and it washed easily. It’ll do plenty more summers and I’d definitely buy another one when it finally falls apart.”

Noble Outfitters Guardsmen fly mask

Noble Outfitters Guardsman

Heavy-duty mesh with a flexible canopy to keep it out of your horse’s eyes.

Sizes: S – XXL

UV protection: 96%

The verdict: A well-fitting design made from robust materials.

“The mask fitted my horse well and offered plenty of protection. The mesh stayed clear of his eyes and I loved the styling, but the material was quite thick and stiff, so my horse got sweaty during very hot weather. Other than that, it’s a clever design that lasted well through the summer.”

WeatherBeeta Buzz Away fly mask

WeatherBeeta Buzz Away

Durable PVC mesh with adjustable touch-tape closures.

Sizes: Pony – Warmblood

UV Protection: 60%

The verdict: Cool and comfortable – perfect for warm summer days.

“The light, flexible material kept my sensitive horse cool. He was well protected and the soft edges didn’t rub. The fastenings were secure, but he dislodged the mask several times when rolling. I’d purchase the mask again, but perhaps in a smaller size to see if that kept it in place.”

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