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Our team of testers has been putting a selection of exercise sheets through their paces

Our testers: These exercise sheets were tested for three months in a range of weather conditions, on hacks, at shows and in the school.

The products


Horseware Amigo 3 in 1 Exercise Sheet

Waterproof with reflective strips and a detachable fleece inner layer that can be used separately.


The verdict: Versatile, innovative design that fits well and looks the part, as well as performing.  

“I absolutely love this sheet. The price is more than I thought I’d want to pay, but it really is 3-in-1 and I found it so useful in every season. The waterproof layer on its own didn’t cause my horse to sweat up and kept her totally dry, while the fine fleece was smart for shows and was a real advantage when warming up. The two sheets are easy to fasten together and transform into a great autumn or winter weight sheet that’s warm and waterproof.”


Bucas Recuptex Therapy Exercise Sheet

Waterproof, breathable and reflects your horse’s natural magnetic field back towards him


The verdict: Waterproof and secure, but not warm enough for very cold weather.

“This sheet was great and didn’t budge, even when my horse was very lively! It’s waterproof, but thin, so I could use it even during summer showers, but it might not be warm enough in really cold weather. I like the idea of the magnet therapy system – my horse is a veteran, so anything I can do to keep him at his best is good peace of mind. He’s long and tall, so fitted an XL well, but not chunky, so really big horses might struggle to find a suitable fit.”


Mark Todd Waterproof Exercise Sheet

A wrap-around, waterproof design with fleece lining and reflective piping.

SIZE 4ft 6in – 5ft

The verdict: Smart and secure – perfect for hacking in wet weather. 

“It was smart and true to size, and I really liked that I could take it on and off while the saddle was in place. I found it useful when hacking to lessons, as I could easily remove it once there, and the reflective strips were a good idea for roadwork. The cut-away area at the girth stopped muddy boots rubbing on the sheet, helping it stay clean. I found it kept my horse dry and warm on rainy hacks and stayed in place even in canter.”


WeatherBeeta 600D Exercise Sheet

Waterproof, featuring a touch-tape wither closure, tail cord and reflective stripes.

SIZE 4–5ft

 The verdict: Versatile and well-made, but would benefit from a tail flap. 

“The sheet is well-made and looked smart. It was easy to put on and I liked the way it’s shaped over the saddle flap – the high cut meant there wasn’t any bulk under my lower leg. It fitted well over my horse’s quarters, although it doesn’t have a tail flap. The fabric kept his quarters dry in the rain. I also liked the reflective stripes for roadwork, but they could be bigger. On the whole, it was a good fit and stayed in place, only moving back slightly.”


Kramer Romy Exercise Sheet

Waterproof and made from 600D rip-stop fabric, with a silky lining and reflective piping.


The verdict: Lightweight rain protection, but may not fit larger saddles.

“It fitted perfectly and was true to size. The fact the sheet didn’t go under the saddle made it easy to put on and take off if the rain passed, but I did find the hole a little small for my 18in saddle. The Velcro fastenings were secure, so the sheet stayed in place very well without slipping back and kept my horse dry. I really liked how lightweight it was, which meant he didn’t get sweaty, and thought the price was very reasonable.”


HKM Waterproof Exercise Sheet

Anti-rip fabric with a fleece lining and Velcro fastenings.

COLOURS Black or blue

SIZE 5ft 6in – 6ft 9in

The verdict: Robust and easy to use, perfect for larger horses. 

“The deep sides fitted my large horse well, as sheets usually look like miniskirts on him! I used it at a show and found it easy to put on and take off. It didn’t seem to move when in use, and my horse seemed comfortable and unrestricted. Out hacking, the outer material didn’t snag on branches and brambles, and the fact you can wear it over your legs meant that we both stayed warm and dry. It was very good value for the quality.”


Horze ProTek Exercise Sheet

Fleece-lined and water resistant with reflective piping and Velcro fastenings.

SIZE 5ft 6in – 6ft 9in

The verdict: A good-value, functional sheet. 

“The sheet was true to size and fitted my horse perfectly. It was very easy to put on after tacking up and the fastenings stayed secure, but I’d recommend using the detachable fillet string to stop the edges blowing up. My horse seemed comfortable and the sheet provided him with just the right amount of extra cover. He stayed dry in the rain and the fleece lining didn’t get sweaty or hold moisture. I thought it was good value for money and would buy it again.”


Fouganza Allweather Exercise Sheet

Waterproof, breathable and attached using an elasticated rip-tab fastening.

SIZE Pony–full

The verdict: Good value protection from the elements, but better for milder weather. 

“This sheet fitted my horse well and was perfect in heavy rain. The fastening was a little fiddly, as it attaches to the girth, which unfortunately I couldn’t do on my monoflap saddle, so I attached it to my stirrup leathers. Due to not having a fleece lining, it didn’t offer my horse much warmth, so I only used it when the weather wasn’t cold. It’s also quite dark and could perhaps feature a hi-vis strip. However, the sheet is very good value for money and definitely kept my horse dry in the rain.”


Back on Track Exercise Supreme Rug

Made from technical fabric that radiates infrared waves back towards the body.

SIZE 5ft 9in – 7ft  

The verdict: A smart, technical sheet, but not ideal for wet weather.

“This sheet fitted my mare perfectly and didn’t slip while I was riding or cause any rubs. She felt really loose and supple during warm-ups, and after plenty of wear it still looks as good as new. It’s not waterproof, so it was only suitable when it was cold, dry weather, or while working indoors, which was slightly frustrating, as I like to use an exercise sheet during rain showers, but it performed well. Apart from this, it’s a great rug, even if it’s a little pricey.”


Catago Urban Tech Exercise Sheet

Made from quilted fabric that wicks away heat and moisture.

COLOURS Black or army green

SIZE Pony–full

The verdict: Easy to put on and take off, making it perfect for competitions.

“As a dressage rider, this quarter sheet was spot-on for me. My favourite feature was the stirrup loop attachments, which meant there wasn’t excess fabric around the saddle. It was brilliant for warming up and cooling down at shows because it was easy to put on or take off without dismounting. It fitted well and has generous, deep sides. My horse seemed comfortable wearing it and stayed warm, making it perfect for chilly, dry days. I would buy it again.”


Thermatex QR Exercise Sheet

Knitted, wicking fabric that moulds to the shape of your horse, secured with a hook-and-loop fastening and fillet string.

COLOURS Wide variety

SIZE 4–5ft 

The verdict: A higher price, but a high-quality, top-performing, super-smart exercise sheet.

“This sheet was easy to fit and looked really smart. It kept my mare warm and I found that it even repelled light rain, which just seemed to bead on the surface rather than soak through to her coat. I was worried that she’d get too hot in it, because the fabric seemed quite warm, but that wasn’t the case – it seemed to breathe really well during exercise. I really like that it doesn’t fit over the wither, because it eliminated bulk under my leg and the risk of rubbing her mane or pulling on her wither.”


Shires Tempest Jersey Fleece

Featuring wicking fabric, touch-close front fastenings, girth loops and reflective strips.

COLOURS Black/bright green or navy/bright blue


The verdict: Cosy and comfortable, but a magnet for hair and hay.

“A smart-looking fleece that’s cosy. It was true to size and stayed in place. The cut-out design was useful when waiting around at shows, as the sheet could be removed without dismounting. I also liked that it didn’t interfere with the saddle or numnah. My horse found it comfortable and stayed warm, but not sweaty. I found it attracted hair and hay, but it was easy to wash and dried quickly.”


Equisafety Hi Vis wrap-around

Waterproof and lined with quilted fabric that wicks away moisture.

COLOURS Pink, orange, yellow or polite design

SIZE Pony – extra-full

The verdict: Useful for hacking, but not ideal for horses with ticklish tummies.

“It didn’t slip when I was riding and the detachable chest strap was useful for hacking. The saddle hole was a bit short, so the sheet bunched up a bit behind the cantle, and my horse didn’t like the detachable strap that ran under his tummy to stop the edges flapping. I rode without it, which meant that if it was a breezy day the edges flapped a bit, but he wasn’t too bothered.”


HyViz Reflector

Fleece-lined with reflective piping and strips on both sides and across the tail flap.

SIZE 4ft 6in – 5ft

The verdict: Perfect for rainy hacks, but picks up hair.

“It fitted my gelding perfectly and didn’t move or rub while in use. The fleece lining was great for keeping him warm on chilly evenings and he stayed dry during downpours. The reflective material was bright and great for roadwork, and is the feature I liked most about this sheet. Even after a couple of washes, it still looks as good as new. The only downside is that the fleece lining collects a lot of hair during coat changes.”

Elico Exercise Sheet

Elico Garrowby exercise sheet

Waterproof with a fleece lining. Includes reflective strips on the sides and tail flap.

COLOURS Pink or yellow

SIZE 4ft 3in – 5ft

The verdict: Bright and secure, but best for really cold weather. 

“The sheet was true to size and my horse seemed comfortable in it. Once I knew how to get it in the right place, it was easy to put on and, as it sits under the saddle, it stayed secure. The fluorescent fabric was very bright, which was great, and he stayed dry. However, the fleece lining was quite warm, so I would have preferred it if the sheet was thinner.”

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