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Our testers put a range of fly rugs to the test - see what they thought here.

Our testers: Horse&Rider staff tested the following fly rugs over the course of three months on their own horses.

The products


Bridleway Edmonton fly rug

Keep your horse irritation free with this lightweight fly rug. Sturdy mesh fabric prevents fly contact and encourages air circulation, keeping your horse cool. The integrated neck cover, belly flap and generous tail flap further assist in fly control, while shoulder pleats allow free movement. Quality fittings include twin breast straps, adjustable leg straps and surcingles.

“This fly sheet kept my horse free from flies and insects with its lightweight, durable and cool material.This rug didn’t slip or rub my horse’s shoulders. I don’t feel that this rug is as durable as some of the other rugs on the market but it isn’t bad, and the price is right.”


Kensington European-cut Textilene protective sheet

The rug is styled in a 1,000 x 2,000 denier Textilene fabric, which is specially formulated to keep flies at bay, as well as withstand sun-bleaching, mildew, soiling and wear and tear – even in the most extreme weather conditions – while keeping your horse cool. The weave mesh blocks UV rays, dirt and grime, helping to keep your horse’s coat brighter, cleaner and drier.

“I really do love everything about this fly sheet – it’s made from a very durable tear-resistant fabric, it has a lovely padded neckline, which made it comfortable for my horse, and it kept him cool. It offers great coverage, with a belly band and detachable neck. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so while it is at the upper end of the price range, it should be the only fly rug you’ll have to buy. I found the matching detachable neck way too big for my horse.”


Horseware Rambo Sweet Itch Vamoose

The Rambo Sweet Itch Vamoose is made from tough, 1,000 denier polyester, making it extremely strong and durable, yet fully breathable throughout the summer months. The rug has a silky mane, tail and shoulder lining to minimise rubbing. Extra-deep sides and leg arches allow the rug to wrap around for added coverage.

“This fly sheet is made from a very tough and strong material, making this one of the most durable fly sheets on the market. Even though the material is thick, it kept my horse very cool and allowed his skin to breathe. It’s aimed at horses who suffer from sweet itch and insect bites, and I found that the Vamoose insect control technology really did help to keep all flies and insects away from my horse who suffers with mild sweet itch. “It comes with a free fly mask and is very easy to fit, and it fits a variety of horses well. It’s quite expensive and you can’t wash the rug without washing out the Vamoose technology.”


Shires Sweet Itch Combo fly rug

Highly breathable, lightweight polyester 600 denier ripstop fabric will resist field wear and tear while still being soft. Ample fabric in the integrated neck and stretch ear panel permits unhindered grazing, and it fastens with four touch-close straps. The light colour helps to keep your horse cool in the sun. The rug is also ideal as a stable sheet and for keeping your horse clean, as the fabric shines the coat. Additional features include anti-rub lining to the neck, chest and shoulders for comfort, deep shoulder gussets, belly flap with three adjustable surcingle straps, large tail flap and adjustable fillet strap.

“This is by far the best fly sheet on the market! It is aimed at horses who suffer with sweet itch over the summer months. After trying this sheet on a horse who suffers with mild sweet itch, I found it really helped him. It is made from a thick, durable material so it doesn’t rip easily, but still kept my horse cool. The only thing I would say is when the temperature reached over 30ºC, my horse did get a little sweaty around the shoulders, but not enough to really worry about.”


Masta Zing Fly Mesh Rug with fixed neck

This fixed neck rug is made from soft polyester mesh. It features shoulder gussets, surcingles, an anti-rub satin chest lining, a tail flap and twin front-fastening straps with a fixed neck to ensure your horse is fly-free.

“I like the fact that this fly sheet has an integrated neck. It did keep my horse cool even in the heat, and I really like how it feels and looks. This fly sheet is made from a soft polyester mesh, maybe a little too soft, as the rug slipped around on my horse and wasn’t very secure.”


Equi-Thème Fly Protector mesh summer sheet

This summer sheet is made from a mesh especially designed to prevent small insects from getting through, while preserving breathable and drying properties. It features elasticated low cross-surcingles, shoulder gussets, adjustable and removable nylon leg straps with snap hooks, tail cord and twin chest straps with buckles.

“This rug is very durable. I like the colour and style of this rug. The material is a very durable fine mesh. It fitted very well and there was plenty of scope to extend straps. It washed up like new and didn’t get too snagged up by the Velcro straps like a lot of other fly sheets.”

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