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Our team of testers tried a selection of mediumweight turnout rugs to see if they were up to the job of keeping their beloved horses warm and dry over winter

Our testers: These rugs were tested for six months on horses who spend long periods of time turned out in all weathers.

The products


Horseware Rhino Plus rug

1,000D outer with thermobonded 200g fibre fill and anti-static and anti-bacterial lining.

5ft 6in – 7ft 3in

The verdict: A practical, hard-wearing rug, could be deeper in the body.

“The fit was true to size and the rug was really warm without being bulky. The front clasp meant it didn’t slip or move, and the neck was easy to do up, and to put on and remove. It isn’t very deep the body – it only just came past my eventer’s elbows, despite being the right length – so it’s best suited to a lightweight horse.”


Bucas Irish Extra rug

1,200D ripstop outer with 150g filling, silk-feel lining and buckle chest fastenings.

Black/gold, navy/gold or ruby/grey

5ft 6in – 7ft

The verdict: Hard-wearing and an excellent fit – worth the investment. 

“The fit was good and the lining was really soft and silky, and didn’t rub. The chest fastening is very secure and didn’t gape, but was a bit fiddly to do up. I found the removable neck a good fit, without any slipping or gaps. The material is tough and survived grooming sessions and playtime antics well.”



 Horze Avalanche Pro midseason rug

1,200D ripstop outer with 150g filling, taped seams and a large tail flap.

Black or peacoat blue

5ft 6in – 7ft 3in

The verdict: Quick-drying, but tight over the wither while grazing.

“This rug was quite long and I almost needed a size smaller than usual. It kept my mare dry in heavy rain, dried quite quickly and stayed secure. The half neck stopped the rain from leaking under the rug, but the cut was quite tight over her withers and top of the shoulders when she was grazing.”


Masta Climatemasta rug

1,200D ripstop outer with 100g filling one-click chest fastening and 100g polyester liner.

Black, grey or blue

5ft 9in – 7ft 3in

The verdict: Liner system saves space and makes the rug multipurpose.

“A good, true-to-size fit that didn’t move or rub. The changeable liner system meant it was quick to dry and easy to clean without compromising the waterproofing of the outer rug. The liner was fiddly to secure, but once in performed brilliantly and helped keep my horse’s coat soft and silky all winter long. ”


Derby House Elite medium combo

1,680D with 200g filling, nylon lining, shaped neck and tail flap with a wind strap.


The verdict: Well-made and smart. Consider sizing down. 

“This rug was generously sized and my horse fitted into a size smaller than usual. It felt well-made and looked very smart, with the reflective banding showing up well in the field. The lining was very smooth and didn’t cause any rubs. All the clip fastenings were quick and easy to use, and the extra material on the neck cover kept him dry.”


 Rachael Kelly Equestrian Blue Spotty 

1,200D ripstop outer with 200g filling, nylon lining and a large tail flap.

4ft 3in – 7ft

The verdict: A striking design, but could benefit from a longer neck.

“The rug looked good and was deep, but the neck cover came up a little short. All the straps are easy to do up. The design is very striking and had quite a few admirers. The rug didn’t slip or rub, even after a roll. It kept her dry in very heavy rain, dried quickly and she was really warm even on cold days.”


Shires Highlander Original combo rug

600D ripstop outer with 200g filling and taped seams.

Navy/orange or horse print

4ft – 7ft 3in

The verdict: A good value, tough rug with fun design. 

“The rug was true to size and the tough fastenings kept it secure without slipping or rubbing. It held up well to the weather, keeping him warm and dry, while the gussets allowed freedom of movement. I loved the fun print and thought it was good value for money. However, I’d preferred a detachable neck.”


 Bridleway Ontario medium combo rug

600D ripstop outer with 220g filling, anti-rub neck and anti-rust fittings.

Black/blue or apple print

4ft 6in – 7ft

The verdict: A smart, functional rug, with thoughtful extras. 

“It was smart and true to size, with a generous neck cover, although the tail flap was a bit small. The chest buckles were fiddly, so I’d have preferred clips, but the rug stayed secure and didn’t rub or slip. It stayed waterproof, even in heavy rain, and dried quickly. I like that it came with a spare square of material for repairs.”


Mark Todd mediumweight

600D ripstop outer with 250g filling, nylon anti-rub lining and quick-release front fastenings.

5ft 6in – 7ft

The verdict: Good value, smart and easy to use. 

“This rug fitted my horse really well and was deep in the shoulders. It didn’t slip, rub or leak and dried fairly quickly. The material felt light, even when wet, but still kept my horse warm. The neck was quick to take on and off, although I’d have preferred it to have clip fastenings. It was easy to use and looked really smart.”



 John Whitaker Chiserley rug

800D ripstop outer with 200g filling, detachable hood and large tail flap.

5ft 6in – 7ft

The verdict: Smart and hard-wearing

“This rug fitted my mare well. She’s easily rubbed, so I have to be careful what rug I choose for her, but I had no problems at all and she wore it all winter while living out 24/7 – the large tail flap was a real advantage. The neck provided good coverage and protection from the elements and the fastenings were easy to do up.”


Equithème Tyrex Polka Dot rug

600D ripstop polyester outer with 200g filling, large tail flap and taped seams.

5ft 3in – 6ft 9in

The verdict: Good in bad weather, but you can’t adjust the chest straps.

“This rug was a good fit and didn’t rub or slip. It kept my horse warm, dried quite quickly and didn’t leak. The large tail flap was great as it didn’t move and kept his quarters dry, even in windy conditions. I liked the design as it was a practical colour and looked smart. However, the chest straps were quite stiff and didn’t allow for any adjustment.”

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