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You might feel you need an extensive wardrobe of rugs to cope with seasonal challenges, but rather than heading to a tack shop to splash out on everything from a rain sheet to a super-warm heavyweight, a rug-layering system could be the answer. 


Rug systems usually start with a lightweight, waterproof outer that can be used on its own on warmer days. Then, if you want to increase the amount of warmth, you simply attach a liner. Some systems come with one liner and others with several different weights, such as 100g, 200g and 300g. Neck covers may be included and some systems have interchangeable neck covers of different weights. The outer rug and liners are designed so they can be fastened easily together. It’s a similar concept to using an under-rug, but when you buy a system all the elements are compatible and fit perfectly together, reducing the chance of them slipping or rubbing. Some manufacturers’ liners are also suitable to use with their stable rugs, offering extra value for money. Build your own If you don’t need a whole system, many retailers sell rugs and liners separately. This allows you to choose your basic turnout rug and the liner you think you’ll get the most use out of. You’ll also have the flexibility to buy an additional layer if you need one. 

What it costs

The initial outlay for a rug system can be significant, but it can work out better value for money than buying individual rugs. And, while good-quality rugs will last, if the outer gets damaged, it will cost less to replace a lightweight turnout than a heavyweight one.  Before you buy a rugging system, consider exactly what liners your horse needs, then compare the cost of the standalone rugs to a turnout system. Weigh up the benefits and prices of different systems on the market and what’s included, bearing in mind that if your horse is unclipped and has a good winter coat, you’re unlikely to need a heavyweight liner.
Do the maths
Rug layering systems are very versatile, but think carefully about which liner you use to ensure your horse doesn’t overheat. Don’t forget the weight of the outer rug counts, so if you add a 300g liner to a 100g rug, the total weight is 400g, and the air trapped between each layer will add extra warmth, too. 

1. Shires Highlander Original 200

Waterproof, breathable, 600D ripstop outer with taped seams and 200g polyfill. Also includes buckle chest fastenings, cross surcingles, leg strap loops, fillet string and tail flap.

4ft – 7ft 3in 


The Shires WarmaRug liners secure with touch-close straps at the shoulders and snap clips at the rear. They’re available in 100g and 200g.

From £39.99


2. Masta Climatemasta 100g

A fixed neck with a 1,200D outer that’s waterproof and breathable. It features a one-click chest fastening and an ergonomic neck design that doesn’t pull when your horse lowers his head.

Black/grey or blue
5ft 9in – 7ft 6in


The Climatemasta liners attach with clip and Velcro fastenings, and feature shoulder gussets for a comfortable fit. They’re available in 100g, 200g and 300g weights.

From £63


3. Bucas Smartex Rain

Waterproof and made from ballistic nylon with no filling. The moisture-wicking lining means it can be put straight onto a wet or sweaty horse. It features a front buckle and magnetic fastenings.

Black, blue or chocolate
3ft 6in – 7ft 2in


The Select quilt and Select cooler attach via touch-and-close fastenings. The quilt has 150g of insulation and a wicking lining, while the cooler is made of wicking fabric.

Select cooler £69

Select quilt £105



All-in-one systems

For one price, you buy the outer rug and a series of liners that can see your horse through the year – perfect if you need to cover all bases.

WeatherBeeta ComFITec Premier Trio Detach-a-Neck Medium

The outer rug is made from 1,200D, triple-weave fabric with 100g polyfill. It has a quick-clip front closure, cross surcingles and elasticated leg straps. Included is a 200g liner and 100g detachable neck. You can buy 100g and 300g liners separately.

5ft 6in – 7ft 3in



Falpro Goodwood Complete

The outer 100g turnout rug is made from 1,680D ballistic nylon and features an antistatic, antibacterial lining. The cross surcingles are on the inside of the rug, eliminating the need for shoulder gussets. Also included are 100g, 200g and 300g liners, and 100g and 200g detachable neck covers.

5ft – 7ft 3in



Premier Equine Titan Trio

Includes a Titan 100g outer rug, made from 1,680D ballistic, breathable nylon. It features elasticated shoulder gussets, cross surcingles and detachable leg straps. Also included are 100g, 200g and 350g liners, and 100g and 200g detachable neck covers.

Black or navy

5ft 6in – 7ft 3in 



Horseware Rambo Duo

The 100g turnout rug has a 1,000D ballistic nylon outer and a polyester lining that’s antibacterial and antistatic. It features three cross surcingles, leg arches, a large tail flap and a V-front closure. Also included is a 300g liner and 100g detachable neck cover. You can buy 100g and 200g liners separately.

5ft 6in – 7ft 3in





A 100g outer rug with a 100g liner will actually be warmer than a 200g turnout. This is because a pocket of warm air forms between the outer rug and the liner, providing extra insulation.

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