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Long Riding Boots

A smart pair of leather boots makes the perfect finishing touch to your competition wardrobe. Our testers put a selection through their paces

The products

Alberto Fasciani 33202 long competition boots

Alberto Fasciani 33202

Glossy calfskin with a stretch elastic panel, square toe and ornamental logo. 

Available in 132set height and width combinations

“If you want a touch of pizazz in your wardrobe, these are the boots for you. Sizing runs slim and quite tall, and I spent time breaking them in properly so they’d stay snug once softened. This was worth it, though – they’ve remained fitted around the ankle, but are still flexible. The grippy stretch panel aids fit and is useful in the rain. They started out gorgeous but, with appropriate care, their appearance is actually improving over time. They’re definitely an investment, but one that doesn’t scrimp on quality or style.”

De Niro Salentino Lucido long competition boots

De Niro Salentino Lucido

Calfskin leather with a patent top, subtle elastic panel and grey stitching. 

Available 35 set height and width combinations

“I love these boots. They’re  extremely comfortable and quickly moulded to my feet. They fitted well from the start and only needed a couple of wears to break in. Combined with the soft leather, this meant they never rubbed or made me sore, even if I wore them all day. The details and fastenings are still in perfect condition, although the leather has creased slightly at the ankle. I think they’re super-smart and striking – I often received compliments when out and about. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them again.”

Mountain Horse Sovereign High Rider long competition boots

Mountain Horse Sovereign High Rider

Soft, premium leather with a shock-absorbing insole and hidden elastic panel. 

Available in a range of widths narrow – wide, and a range of heights short – tall.

“These boots are so comfy and fitted my long legs perfectly. They’re true to size but, due to their figure-hugging fit, took three rides to break in. I wore them on the yard before and after riding, even in winter, but they’ve withstood this well and come up as good as new after cleaning. They’ve maintained their shape, helped by the fact that they come with boot trees and a bag. For the price tag, you can’t beat them – they’re brilliant and I’d invest in another pair in the future.”

Ariat Heritage Contour II Field Zip long competition boots

Ariat Heritage Contour II Field Zip

Full-grain leather with an elasticated panel and moisture-wicking sock lining.

Available in a range of widths extra slim – wide, and a range of heights short – tall.

“These boots are sleek and stylish. They fitted well and were comfortable from the get-go, although I needed a narrower width than the size chart suggested. The fit around my leg has stayed snug and the ankles haven’t significantly dropped. I could wear them happily all day on the yard and in the saddle, and was even able to drive in them. I’d have preferred them to be a bit more water-resistant, but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again in the future – not that I think they’ll need replacing any time soon, as they still clean up as good as new!” 

Brogini Sanremo Field long competition boots

Brogini Sanremo Field

Soft-grained leather, with a stitched toecap, elasticated panel and patent croc-effect details. 

Available in a range of widths 000 – 4, and a range of heights short – tall.

“These boots were comfortable to walk and ride in, and I felt I had a close contact with my horse. They didn’t require a breaking in period, as the leather is so soft, and maintained their shape really well with boot trees. The zip at the back seems quite sturdy, and the poppers and laces are still in good condition. The height and foot size of the boots are perfect, but the calf width came up a little bigger then expected. They’re lovely boots and everyone has commented how smart they look.”

Tredstep Donatello SQ Field long competition boots

Tredstep Donatello SQ Field

Made from full-grain nappa leather, with a leather lining, high-impact footbed, stretch panel and anti-fatigue sole. 

Available in a range of widths extra slim – full, and heights regular or tall

“My favourite thing about these boots is how comfortable yet elegant they are, setting them apart from most others I’ve worn. The cushioned footbed makes them almost as comfy as trainers to wear all day, while the supple leather gives them a slim, smart fit. They required no breaking in, but did drop after a few weeks, leaving them with more bulk around the ankles. I like the zip covers, which keep the zip clean. Overall I think they strike a great balance between comfort, style and value.”

Felix Bühler Milano Field long competition boots

Felix Bühler Milano Field

Square-toed boots made from Italian cowhide, with a pigskin lining, elastic insert and shock-absorbing footbed.

Available in a range of widths extra slim – wide, and regular or high heights.

“These boots were comfortable from day one – in fact, they’ve ruined me for anything else! I wore them for riding and general yard duties without any problems. They only needed a quick wipe-over to look great, even after being covered in mud. I’m usually between short and regular length, but as these boots were so soft I could take the regular length, meaning they were perfect after they dropped slightly. For the price, I think they’re great and would recommend them without hesitation.”

Mark Todd Competition Field boots

Mark Todd Competition Field

Soft, quality leather with a discreet elastic panel, zip guard and slimline sole. 

Available in a range of widths slim – wide, and short or standard heights.

“These boots were comfortable for riding and I could walk in them straight away without any rubbing. I like that they’re lightweight, and they don’t interfere with my leg contact or feel bulky in the stirrup. The elastic panel makes them easy to put on and ensures they move with you as your leg bends. Through regular wear and cleaning, the leather has become lovely and soft and, while there are a few wrinkles at the ankle, it hasn’t stretched or sagged. They still look super-smart, especially after a polish.”

Dublin Galtymore Tall Field competition boots

Dublin Galtymore Tall Field

Full-grain leather with an elasticated panel and wicking sock liner. 

Available in regular or wide widths and short or regular heights.

“I usually struggle to find long boots in my size, but these fit really well. The supple leather meant I could put them on and ride without the need to break them in. They’re comfy to ride in and helped to encourage a better ankle position, but I could still walk around the yard and at shows. They polished up really well, looking like new in no time. They’ve wrinkled slightly down the leg, but this hasn’t affected their use and they still look smart. I’m really pleased with these boots and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another pair.”

Caldene Casoria long competition boots

Caldene Casoria

Featuring a suede inner calf, full-length zip and decorative elasticated laces. 


“I was able to ride in the boots straight away because they’re so supple, and the suede helped to keep my lower leg still, too. Unfortunately, they rubbed where the upper meets the foot section, and it was a few weeks before I was truly comfortable walking in them. The soft leather fits snugly around your leg, but the lack of a leather lining means they need boot trees to keep their shape. The leather polishes up well, while a suede brush tidies up the calves. For the price, they’re a budget boot that looks the part.” 

Just Togs Buckingham long competition boots

Just Togs Buckingham

Soft, grained leather with decorative laces, a zip guard and stitched toecaps. 

Available in a range of widths, medium narrow – wide

“These boots were very comfortable for riding or wearing around the yard, although they took a week or two of regular wear to break in due to their close fit. They looked smart and stylish, and I found they were easy to keep clean. Although the poppers on the zip guards could occasionally come undone, this didn’t get in the way or affect how well I could use my leg while riding. Overall, I think they’re practical, entry-level leather boots that perform well, and I feel the price is very reasonable.”

Horseware Ireland Long Leather Riding competition boots

Horseware Ireland Long Leather Riding

Made from quality, soft leather, with a dress lace front, durable sole, elasticated panel and zip guard. 

Available in regular or wide widths

“The boots coped well with wet, muddy yard duties and, as they’re comfortable and very lightweight, I was able to walk freely in them all day. However, they took a few wears to break in. They helped keep my leg secure, but without the stiffness you can get with some brands. The zip is sturdy and they’ve kept their shape well. A quick wipe-over was enough to get them looking their best, even if they’d been wet and dirty all day. They’re tough boots with no marks on them after a hard test.” 

Shires Moretta Gianna long competition boots

Shires Moretta Gianna

Mock lace details, anti-fatigue soles, shock-absorbing insoles and a wicking lining.

Available in a range of widths from slim – wide

“I liked the style of these boots and the soft leather didn’t restrict my calf like some others have done. They were a great fit, but took a week to break in around the ankles, as they could rub a bit. Once I’d worn them a couple of times, though, they were really comfy. As well as schooling, they looked the part at competitions and held up to walking around the showground all day. They were easy to keep clean, with robust fastenings and tough soles. For the price, they’re smart, versatile boots.”

Fouganza LB 560 long competition boots

Fouganza LB 560

Supple leather, with a wide elastic band at the calf, full-length zip, spur guards and a stitched sole. 

Available in 2 set height and width combinations

“The boots were comfortable from the minute I put them on. They were great for riding and walking around the yard – you’d hardly know you had riding boots on. They’ve maintained their shape and were easy to clean with regular boot polish. The zip ran smoothly, and they were easy to put on and take off. It’s worth trying them on before purchasing, as there are limited height and width options, and I found the ankle quite generous. Overall they’re a comfortable boot for a very reasonable price.”

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