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Looking for some extra style and stickability in the saddle? Our testers have been putting a range of silicone full-seat breeches through their paces

Our testers: These breeches were worn regularly across a variety of disciplines and for yardwork. They were also washed multiple times.

The products

AA Platinum Lightweight Silicon full-seat silicone breeches

AA Platinum Lightweight Silicon

Lightweight, flexible breeches made from abrasion-resistant and breathable fabric. They include a zipped thigh pocket.   

Featuring zip pockets

“I loved these breeches, they’re hugely comfortable and very stylish. The silicone seat had just the right amount of stick and they didn’t restrict my movement in or out of the saddle – they feel like wearing a pair of gym leggings, but are smart enough to wear at competitions. They dried very quickly, so they’re useful if you’re at an event where you need to use them later on or the next day. I’ll definitely be recommending them.”

Ariat Tri Factor full-seat silicone breeches

Ariat Tri Factor

Made from high-performance, four-way stretch fabric, they’re quick-drying and breathable in a shape-enhancing style.

Available in long

“These breeches are a real game-changer. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day, seriously flattering and have just the right amount of grip, plus it’s almost impossible to get them dirty. The sizing was spot-on. They’re perfect for year-round riding and have kept me looking smart, feeling great, and riding confidently. I think they’re worth every penny – I’m saving for a competition pair and have recommended them to everyone I know.”

Equithème Pirouette full-seat silicone breeches

Equithème Pirouette

Made from breathable stretch fabric, they include a stretch waistband, belt loops, and front pockets. 

“I was very impressed with the freedom of movement these breeches offered – the fabric gives no restriction, which made them particularly comfortable for yard duties. I had to choose a size smaller than usual but they were lovely to ride in and I felt secure without being stuck to the saddle. They always came out of the wash looking as good as new.” 

Shires Aubrion Taylor full-seat silicone breeches

Aubrion Taylor

High-performance, quick-dry breeches with ribbed knees, jeans style pockets and ankle cuffs.

“They’re comfortable, good quality and the silicone added security to my seat. I cycled to the yard in them easily, but the legs could twist while riding, which made the ribbed knees irritating. However, this improved with wear. While the front pockets are a good size, I’d prefer them to have zips. They looked like new after every wash and were quick to dry.”

John Whitaker Miami full-seat silicone breeches

John Whitaker Miami

Made from four-way stretch fabric, they’re quick-drying and breathable with a shape-enhancing style.

Featuring zip pockets

“The breeches were really comfortable both in the saddle and for doing jobs around the yard. The silicone was grippy, but I liked that they weren’t so sticky I was stuck in the saddle. They’ve kept their colour during washes, stayed true to size and dried really quickly. Personally, I’d prefer larger pockets to store my valuables, but overall I really liked them.”

Pikeur Lucinda full-seat silicone breeches

Pikeur Lucinda

Stylish, low-rise breeches made from skin-friendly fabric, with a zipped front pocket, logo detailing and ankle cuffs.

Featuring zip pockets and available in long

“I found these breeches very comfortable and stylish, although the sizing came up small. The design is simple but smart, and the grip kept me secure in the saddle without gluing me in place. The zip pocket was handy for storing valuables, but I would have preferred it to be a bit bigger. I liked the elastic ankle cuffs, which made it easy to zip up my long boots. Overall, they performed well and I’d recommend them if you’re looking to treat yourself.”

Cavallo Pro Grip full-seat silicone breeches

Cavallo Pro Grip

Made from hardwearing, quick-dry, breathable fabric, they have slit front pockets and Swarovski stone detailing. 

Featuring sparkle detail

“These breeches were comfortable – and dirt-repellent – enough to wear for days on end, and so flattering that I was happy to wear them away from the yard. I felt really secure in the saddle and was able to move freely, although they came up a little small compared to other pairs. The fabric survived brambles and thorn bushes unscathed, held up well in rain showers and dried quickly. Despite lots of wear and washes, they still look as good as new.”

Equetech Shaper full-seat silicone breeches

Equetech Shaper

Designed to give a flattering outline, they have hidden support and a contoured high waistband. 

“I’m very impressed with the quality of these breeches. The fabric, stitching and fastenings coped well with lots of use. They’re true to size, comfortable enough to wear all day and offered great freedom of movement. The stretchy material is supportive, but probably best suited to cooler days. I’ve washed them plenty of times and they still look like new.” 

PS of Sweden Robyn full-seat silicone breeches

PS of Sweden Robyn

Tailored, breathable breeches with four-way stretch, compression ankle cuffs and a high waistband. 

Featuring zip pockets

“These breeches are really smart and stylish. I loved the supportive waistband and material was easy to keep clean because hair didn’t stick to it and dust wiped off easily. The fabric is flexible and easy to move in, and the silicone gave just the right amount of grip. I found the pockets a bit small, as I couldn’t fit my phone in, but they were just right for treats. They washed up perfectly with no shrinkage and dried really easily.”

Derby House Elite High Waist full-seat silicone breeches

Derby House Elite High Waist

Made from high-performance stretch fabric that’s water- and stain-repellent, with a V-shaped high waistband, ankle cuffs and three zipped pockets.

Featuring zip pockets

“They were flattering, true to size and comfortable from the moment I put them on, and the high waistband is a great feature. The grip wasn’t affected by washing, but I’d have preferred a little less stick. The deep pockets kept my phone secure, and the breathable fabric didn’t attract dirt and hair. Overall I really like them, they’re easy to wear and suitable for all disciplines, hacking and on the yard.”

Aiver Sport 4D full-seat silicone breeches

Aiver Sport 4D

High-waisted, with four-way stretch fabric, embroidery details, three pockets and a filligree-pattern seat.

Featuring zip pockets and sparkle detail

“These are possibly the most comfortable breeches I’ve ever worn. The material is soft and flexible, and they looked really smart when you’re wearing them, even after plenty of washes. They came up a little bigger than I expected, but I felt secure in the saddle and they’re cut in a way that made them extremely comfy around the knee area. The fabric could pick up dust, but zipped pockets were the perfect size for my phone.”

Fouganza BR980 full-seat silicone breeches

Fouganza BR980

Lightweight breeches made from abrasion-resistant fabric that’s highly flexible and breathable. They have two front pockets and a zipped thigh pocket. 

Featuring zip pockets

“These breeches were comfy, a great fit and perfect for warmer evenings. I didn’t get too hot in them and the silicone grip was great on my synthetic saddle. They are quite lightweight, so they wouldn’t be my first choice for winter riding, and the long ankle cuff had a tendency to get a little twisted. However, for the price they’re a comfy pair of breeches that gave me excellent stickability, even after multiple washes.”

Felix Bühler Pauline full-seat silicone breeches

Felix Bühler Pauline

Breathable breeches that are water-repellent and stretchy. They have two front pockets and an elastic waistband.

Featuring zip pockets and also available in long

“These breeches are my new favourite pair. They’re comfy, they’re true to size, they’re flattering and the option of a longer leg is brilliant. The silicone has just the right amount of grip and hasn’t been affected by a lot of wear and washing. I’ll definitely be investing in a white pair for competing. Honestly, they’re brilliant and I choose to ride in them over anything else.”

My LeMieux Engage full-seat silicone breeches

My LeMieux Engage

With dynamic, supportive fabric and a high-rise waistband, they have a seamless seat, ankle cuffs and front pockets.

“I really loved these breeches, they look great on and the pleated detail on the front pockets is a great touch. The stretch fabric and Lycra ankle cuffs make them so comfortable in and out of the saddle, and I felt more secure with the silicone seat. They fitted exactly as expected, proved easy to wash and dry, and still look like new, even after lots of wear. I’m going to invest in a beige pair for competition as they performed so well.”

Dublin Citron full-seat silicone breeches

Dublin Citron

Made from a technical, supportive fabric, they have black diamanté details on the pockets. 

Featuring sparkle detail

“These smart breeches offered extra security in the saddle and the diamantés are a lovely touch. Hairs and dust brushed off easily, and they washed and dried well. However, the fabric isn’t especially thick, so I feel they’re best suited to milder weather. Overall, they’re a great addition to any equestrian wardrobe, particularly for when you want to look your best.”

QHP Coco full-seat silicone breeches

QHP Coco

Featuring slit front pockets, a coin pocket, rhinestone details, satin piping and ankle cuffs.  

Featuring sparkle detail

“They were really comfortable for riding and around the yard, and didn’t feel restrictive, although I had to choose a larger size than usual. The silicone seat was really grippy and made me feel secure. I particularly like the added details, and they washed and dried well. The ankle cuffs meant I didn’t have fabric bunched up in my boots.”

HyPerformance Chester full-seat silicone breeches

HyPerformance Chester

Featuring embroidery on the rear zip pockets and stud details, they’re made from wicking fabric and have a swirl-patterned seat.

“These breeches fitted and performed well, and were very comfortable for riding and on the yard. The material wiped clean of dust and dirt, and, although I was hesitant at first about the embroidery and zips getting in the way, they’re positioned so they don’t affect your seat while you’re riding. I found they washed very well, haven’t faded at all and dried easily. Overall I was very pleased with them and would buy them again in the future.”

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