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With myriad types of stirrup on the market, gone are the days of choosing between fillis irons and peacock safety stirrups – we've tested some of the best stirrups on the market

Our testers: These stirrups were tested for three months in a range of disciplines, including hacking, jumping and schooling.

The products


Equiline S1 Safety First 

Inclined outer arm moves 90° outwards and in a 360° circle to release the rider’s foot in the event of a fall.

Black/anthracite or champagne/beige

The verdict: Good features for aching ankles at a top-of-the-range price.

“The rolling tread system made me feel very secure and the absorbing plates were brilliant – my ankles didn’t ache, even after long rides and jumping sessions. However, the design is heavy and chunky, so not to everyone’s taste.”


Jin Dynamik Stirrups

Ergonomic shape helps you maintain correct posture and transmit your aids to your horse.

The verdict: Great for grip and balance, but can damage leatherwork if not used carefully.

“Smart and the most grippy stirrups I’ve ever had, even in wet conditions. The downside of that is that the metal footbed can scratch your saddle when run up. The ergonomic shape allowed me to regain my stirrups easily if lost and kept my foot balanced.”



 Tech Stirrups Venice

Aluminium stirrup with a wide, spring-aided foot release system in case of a fall.

Wide variety of colours

Adult or child

The verdict: Metal treads give good security, but no added shock-absorption for stiff joints. 

“I loved the look of these. The metal treads offered security, even when wet. The safety arm sometimes came open when I was mounting from the ground, but this wasn’t a problem to close. The lack of shock absorption meant I didn’t find them comfy for long rides, but they were fine day-to-day and for competing.”


Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups

A four-directional pivot reduces the impact on your joints and the wide tread aids balance.

Stainless steel, anthracite and bronze

112, 122 or 132mm

The verdict: Great for problem ankle and knee joints.

“These stirrups have helped my lower leg become stronger and more secure after a bad ankle injury. I’m pain-free when I ride now and wouldn’t ride in anything else. I highly recommend them.”


Lorenzini Titanium Jumping stirrups

Knurled titanium and rubber tread for maximum grip, balance and resistance to wear and tear.

Wide variety of colours • 5 or 6.5cm

The verdict: Ideal for those wanting to stand out from the crowd, but with a hefty price tag.

“The wide, cheese-grater footbed offers security and the angle meant they were soft on my knees. I received a lot of compliments on them, and they’re easy to put on and use. However, with no obvious additional technical features, I found it hard to justify their cost.”


Harry Hall Makebe Jump Wave Stirrups


Lightweight with an angled footplate to keep your foot secure and comfortable.

Black or brown

The verdict: Smart and lightweight, with a cleverly angled footbed.

“These stirrups looked really smart and I received lots of compliments about them. They were really lightweight and the wide, angled footbed made them comfortable, even on long hacks. As the irons are quite tall, I needed to put my stirrups up to keep the length the same.”


STS Irons

Angled foot support to help you keep your heels down and prevent your foot slipping forward.

4, 4.5, 4.75 or 5.5in

The verdict: Good safety features, but heavy and tricky to get used to.



“I really liked the bendy arm safety feature and found them comfortable to ride in, despite being quite heavy. The angle of the footbed suggested the cage should sit over my toe, but I found they worked best with my toe towards the gap, which was fiddly to get used to.”


Rambo Easyup stirrups

Shock-absorbent polymer for stability and grip, plus additional help for mounting from the ground.

The verdict: Perfect if you need help mounting, but could be more hardwearing.

“Although bulkier than normal, these stirrups are still lightweight. One stirrup featured the Easyup mechanism, which made mounting and adjusting my stirrup length easier. They were comfortable, even after long periods in the saddle, although the tread is starting to show signs of wear.”


Royal Rider Jump 25 Evo Action 

A shock-absorbing design with interchangeable rubber and cheese-grater style footbeds

The verdict: “Versatile all-rounders, but care needs to be taken with the grippy treads.”

“I found the stirrups really grippy, lightweight and easy to put on. The plain design and interchangeable treads meant I was able to do various disciplines and still look smart. However, the cheese-grater treads can scratch the leather if you aren’t careful. I would really recommend them for jumping or going cross-country.”


BR Aerotech stirrups

Lightweight, synthetic stirrups with an offset opening and weighted lower to allow for a secure stirrup position.

Black/titanium or brown/titanium gold

The verdict: Lightweight and very grippy, but difficult to run up.

“They’re super-lightweight and comfy to ride in, and the treads offer a lot of grip for jumping and flatwork. The offset top made the leather lie flat under my leg, but did mean the stirrups couldn’t be run up easily. Personally,  I wasn’t a fan of the two-tone colour for competing.”


Ira Steigbügel Ira-stirrups

Wide, grippy tread ensures comfort and safety. Made of bi-elastic to give way under pressure.

Wide variety of colours • Standard–XXL

The verdict: Lightweight, comfortable and good value.

“Lightweight, but still substantial, well-made and comfortable. The wide tread provided stability and good grip, and gave me a secure lower leg position for schooling, hacking and jumping. Overall, they were a pleasure to ride in and the variety of colours means you have options for every discipline.”

Kramer Aluminium Icelandic stirrups

Kramer Aluminium Icelandic stirrups

Lightweight stirrups, curved on both sides with a 90° top eyelet.

Colours: Blue, lilac, red or silver

The verdict: “Excellent value and some great technical features.”

“They look really smart and are lighter than my regular stirrups. The grip is great and I felt well-balanced riding in them. I love the angle of the top of the stirrup, which means they’re more comfortable to ride in and it’s easier to find your stirrup if you lose it. I’d buy them again – they’re great value for money.”

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