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Equiline S1 Safety First 

Inclined outer arm moves 90° outwards and in a 360° circle to release the rider’s foot in the event of a fall.

Black/anthracite or champagne/beige

The verdict: Good features for aching ankles at a top-of-the-range price.

“The rolling tread system made me feel very secure and the absorbing plates were brilliant – my ankles didn’t ache, even after long rides and jumping sessions. However, the design is heavy and chunky, so not to everyone’s taste.”


Jin Dynamik Stirrups

Ergonomic shape helps you maintain correct posture and transmit your aids to your horse.

The verdict: Great for grip and balance, but can damage leatherwork if not used carefully.

“Smart and the most grippy stirrups I’ve ever had, even in wet conditions. The downside of that is that the metal footbed can scratch your saddle when run up. The ergonomic shape allowed me to regain my stirrups easily if lost and kept my foot balanced.”



 Tech Stirrups Venice

Aluminium stirrup with a wide, spring-aided foot release system in case of a fall.

Wide variety of colours

Adult or child

The verdict: Metal treads give good security, but no added shock-absorption for stiff joints. 

“I loved the look of these. The metal treads offered security, even when wet. The safety arm sometimes came open when I was mounting from the ground, but this wasn’t a problem to close. The lack of shock absorption meant I didn’t find them comfy for long rides, but they were fine day-to-day and for competing.”


Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups

A four-directional pivot reduces the impact on your joints and the wide tread aids balance.

Stainless steel, anthracite and bronze

112, 122 or 132mm

The verdict: Great for problem ankle and knee joints.

“These stirrups have helped my lower leg become stronger and more secure after a bad ankle injury. I’m pain-free when I ride now and wouldn’t ride in anything else. I highly recommend them.”


Lorenzini Titanium Jumping stirrups

Knurled titanium and rubber tread for maximum grip, balance and resistance to wear and tear.

Wide variety of colours • 5 or 6.5cm

The verdict: Ideal for those wanting to stand out from the crowd, but with a hefty price tag.

“The wide, cheese-grater footbed offers security and the angle meant they were soft on my knees. I received a lot of compliments on them, and they’re easy to put on and use. However, with no obvious additional technical features, I found it hard to justify their cost.”


Harry Hall Makebe Jump Wave Stirrups


Lightweight with an angled footplate to keep your foot secure and comfortable.

Black or brown

The verdict: Smart and lightweight, with a cleverly angled footbed.

“These stirrups looked really smart and I received lots of compliments about them. They were really lightweight and the wide, angled footbed made them comfortable, even on long hacks. As the irons are quite tall, I needed to put my stirrups up to keep the length the same.”


STS Irons

Angled foot support to help you keep your heels down and prevent your foot slipping forward.

4, 4.5, 4.75 or 5.5in

The verdict: Good safety features, but heavy and tricky to get used to.



“I really liked the bendy arm safety feature and found them comfortable to ride in, despite being quite heavy. The angle of the footbed suggested the cage should sit over my toe, but I found they worked best with my toe towards the gap, which was fiddly to get used to.”


Rambo Easyup stirrups

Shock-absorbent polymer for stability and grip, plus additional help for mounting from the ground.

The verdict: Perfect if you need help mounting, but could be more hardwearing.

“Although bulkier than normal, these stirrups are still lightweight. One stirrup featured the Easyup mechanism, which made mounting and adjusting my stirrup length easier. They were comfortable, even after long periods in the saddle, although the tread is starting to show signs of wear.”


Royal Rider Jump 25 Evo Action 

A shock-absorbing design with interchangeable rubber and cheese-grater style footbeds

The verdict: “Versatile all-rounders, but care needs to be taken with the grippy treads.”

“I found the stirrups really grippy, lightweight and easy to put on. The plain design and interchangeable treads meant I was able to do various disciplines and still look smart. However, the cheese-grater treads can scratch the leather if you aren’t careful. I would really recommend them for jumping or going cross-country.”


BR Aerotech stirrups

Lightweight, synthetic stirrups with an offset opening and weighted lower to allow for a secure stirrup position.

Black/titanium or brown/titanium gold

The verdict: Lightweight and very grippy, but difficult to run up.

“They’re super-lightweight and comfy to ride in, and the treads offer a lot of grip for jumping and flatwork. The offset top made the leather lie flat under my leg, but did mean the stirrups couldn’t be run up easily. Personally,  I wasn’t a fan of the two-tone colour for competing.”


Ira Steigbügel Ira-stirrups

Wide, grippy tread ensures comfort and safety. Made of bi-elastic to give way under pressure.

Wide variety of colours • Standard–XXL

The verdict: Lightweight, comfortable and good value.

“Lightweight, but still substantial, well-made and comfortable. The wide tread provided stability and good grip, and gave me a secure lower leg position for schooling, hacking and jumping. Overall, they were a pleasure to ride in and the variety of colours means you have options for every discipline.”

Kramer Aluminium Icelandic stirrups

Kramer Aluminium Icelandic stirrups

Lightweight stirrups, curved on both sides with a 90° top eyelet.

Colours: Blue, lilac, red or silver

The verdict: “Excellent value and some great technical features.”

“They look really smart and are lighter than my regular stirrups. The grip is great and I felt well-balanced riding in them. I love the angle of the top of the stirrup, which means they’re more comfortable to ride in and it’s easier to find your stirrup if you lose it. I’d buy them again – they’re great value for money.”

Childéric Anatomical girth

Childéric Anatomical girth

Elasticated at both ends with an integrated clip.

Made to order, bespoke colours, sizes from 125cm

The verdict:“An investment, but will last for a lifetime of use.”

“Although expensive, the quality of the materials is outstanding. It has become more supple with use and although hairs sometimes get stuck in the stitching, they are easy to remove. The wide clip is easy to use and the shaping allows freedom of movement.”

Prestige A52 RP Jump girth

Prestige A52 RP Jump girth

Features a sliding, padded panel to distribute pressure.

Black or tobacco


The verdict: “An alternative design to a conventional girth.”

“The padded ring in the centre was hard to place initially, but my horse felt freer in his stride while wearing it. It’s tricky to check the tightness as it doesn’t touch his sides, but once I’d worked out which holes it needed to be on it wasn’t a problem.”

Saddle Exchange Comfort Elite Reflex girth

Saddle Exchange Comfort Elite Reflex girth

Extends laterally and medially.

Black or rich dark brown


The verdict: “Offers extra protection, smart for competitions.”

“I really liked the theory behind this girth and it certainly suited my horse well, holding his saddle in place while keeping him comfortable. The leather is soft and the shape was almost like a stud girth, perfect for extra protection.”

Voltaire Design Long Anatomic girth

Voltaire Design Long Anatomic girth

Shaped, with memory foam.

Brown or black


The verdict: “High-quality girth with exceptional fit and function.”

“I loved the quality of the leather and the softness of the memory foam pad. The fit was fantastic and true to size, and the elastic was strong so there was no danger of over-tightening. It had plenty of D-rings, was easy to clean and looked really smart.”

Stübben Equisoft girth

Stübben Equisoft girth

Elasticated straps to allow pressure distribution.

Black, ebony or tobacco


The verdict: “Alternative design for sensitive horses, but may need a size up from normal.”

“My horse is quite sensitive to girth up, but was much happier with this design. I liked how lightweight it is and the space it allows behind the elbow. However, this meant it was difficult to judge the tightness. The pad is quite thick, so made the fit tighter.”

Harry Dabbs Platinum girth

Harry Dabbs Platinum girth

Full grain English leather, triple crossover elastic at both ends.

Black or havana


The verdict: “Quite pricey but good-quality materials.”

“I really liked the softness of the padding. Together with the cutaway design, this suited my sensitive mare very well. The elastic was tough enough to prevent any over-tightening, and held the saddle firmly in place. It’s pricey, but performs very well.”

Butet jumping girth

Butet jumping girth

Calfskin-lined, with elastic ends and shaped style.

Gold or cachou


The verdict: “Expensive, but soft, supple leather.”

“The leather was soft and easy to clean, and the cut-away style allowed for more movement. It stopped any slipping without needing to be over-tightened and didn’t cause any rubs or excessive sweating. A high price tag, but with quality to match.”

Ideal Affinity F2 girth

Ideal Affinity F2 girth

Ergonomic shape for a forward girth groove.

Black, brown, ranch or military


The verdict: “Soft padding and quality leather, but no D-rings.”

“The padding is really soft and the quality of the leather is fantastic. The buckles are easy to adjust one-handed and the ergonomic shape suited my horse. I would prefer if it had side or centre D-rings, but the quality of the materials make the price tag worth it.”

Passier broad centre girth

Passier broad centre girth

Broad centre for comfort, elasticated at both ends.

Black, havana or teak

110–145cm (teak from 125cm)

The verdict: “Good quality, but D-rings and clips a bit fiddly.”

“I really liked the fit and feel of this girth. The leather is soft and wide over the sternum, while the elasticated ends are strong. The side D-rings are protected by elastic, which made them a bit fiddly to use, and I found the central clip wasn’t big enough for my martingale strap.”

Total Saddle Fit shoulder relief girth

Total Saddle Fit shoulder relief girth

Designed to redirect the billet line for ease of movement.

Black or brown


The verdict: “Good for freedom of movement, but quite hot.”

“The quality of the leather is lovely and the padding is soft, but this makes it quite heavy and thick so my horse got hot. However, he moved very freely, as it gave a lot of space behind the elbow, and was comfortable with the wide sternum pad.”

Kieffer Comfort girth

Kieffer Comfort girth

Roller buckles with elastomer band for ease of adjustment.

Black or brown


The verdict: “Easy to clean, tough outer but  soft inner.”

“I liked the shape and the spring buckles made it very easy to adjust when mounted. I also liked that the stitching is very small, so hairs didn’t get stuck in it, and it was easy to clean. The outer leather is quite hard and tough, but the inner is very soft and didn’t cause any rubs or problems.”

Jeffries Atherstone girth

Jeffries Atherstone girth

Soft, padded leather, shaped for a narrow girth groove.

Black or havana


The verdict: “Soft leather, but generous in length.”

“I liked the narrow style of this girth, which suited my mare and allowed her to move more freely through the shoulder. The leather was soft and easy to clean, and it still looks very smart with no marks. The sizing is generous, so take that into account when buying – you may need a size down.”

Wintec Anatomic elastic with CAIR girth

Wintec Anatomic elastic with CAIR girth

Elasticated with CAIR cushion, stainless steel roller buckles and central D-ring.

Black or brown


The verdict: “Cushioned comfort, but choose a size up.”

“I liked the central cushion, which my horse found very comfortable. Because it’s quite a thick pad it made the girth come up a bit small, so I’d recommend a size up. It was easy to clean and the D-ring clip was really convenient.”

Acavallo Gel & PVC anatomic girth

Acavallo Gel & PVC anatomic girth

Soft leather and shock-absorbing gel pad with airflow to reduce sweat build up.


The verdict: “Lightweight and pressure-relieving, plastic feel to some of the materials.”

“This girth was lightweight and the contoured shape suited my horse. I was concerned that the gel pad would attract hairs and dirt, but it was surprisingly easy to keep clean and not as sweaty as I expected, either. I didn’t like the plastic feel of the PVC material, but it wasn’t noticeable when in use.”

Fylde Anatomic girth

Fylde Anatomic girth

Designed for a forward girth groove to prevent slipping.

Black or brown


The verdict: “Soft, anatomical design, but no side or centre D-rings.”

“I liked the softness of the padding and the anatomical shape fitted my horse well. Hairs tended to get stuck in the stitching, but it cleaned up well and fairly easily. I’d prefer if it had some D-ring attachments, which I would expect for the price.”

Bucas Optima Jump girth

Bucas Optima Jump girth

Synthetic, anatomically shaped with a non-slip lining.

Black or brown


The verdict: “Good for preventing any slipping, but not very breathable.”

“My horse went well in this girth and was comfortable. The lining worked well and stopped any slipping, but it wasn’t very breathable so she sweated up. I couldn’t use my looped martingale, as the girth is too wide and there’s only a ring for a clip.”

Mark Todd Deluxe Leather girth

Mark Todd Deluxe Leather girth

Elasticated at both ends.

Black or havana


The verdict: “Good design with rounded edges to prevent rubbing.”

“I liked the design of narrower sides and wider over the sternum, which fitted my large hunter-type well. The rounded edges stopped any rubbing and the leather was soft with neat stitching. Even after lots of use, it still cleans up very well and looks like new.”

BR Fairford girth

BR Fairford girth

Leather, anatomically shaped, and elasticated at one end.

Black or tobacco


The verdict: Slim, contoured design, would benefit from elastic at both ends.”

“The slim, contoured style of this girth suited my mare and allowed her good freedom of movement. I liked that it has three D-rings so I could attach a breastplate. However, I would prefer the elastic to be at both ends so the pressure is distributed more evenly.”

Claridge House Naira girth

Claridge House Naira girth

Soft, padded leather with an ergonomic shape.

Black or brown


The verdict: “Excellent value for a soft, ergonomic leather girth.”

“I loved the softness of the leather and padding, which didn’t cause any rubs on my sensitive horse. It was quite generous in length. The design allowed for freedom through the shoulder and I noticed an improvement in her work.”

Fouganza Romeo girth

Fouganza Romeo girth

Buffalo leather with a memory foam inner.

Black or brown


The verdict: “A good value girth, but no additional D-rings.”

“I thought this was very good value for money for a leather girth. The leather isn’t as soft as other, more expensive alternatives, but it fitted well and was great for everyday use. I would prefer it if there were additional D-rings on the sides and if it was a bit wider under the sternum.”

Shires Fleece-lined Contour girth

Shires Fleece-lined Contour girth

Synthetic lining for airflow.

Black or brown


The verdict: “Soft and smart, but needs a lot of washing.”

“This girth looked really smart on, and the lining was soft and comfortable. It wasn’t easy to keep clean and it needed a lot of washing, but absorbed sweat very well, so I was surprised to find that it actually kept my horse cooler despite the thick lining. It washed well and was dry by the next day.”

Stübben Cord girth

Stübben Cord girth

 Soft, synthetic fibres in a broad style to distribute pressure and prevent rubs.

Black, brown or white


The verdict: “Excellent value for money, good for sensitive horses.”

“I was very impressed with this girth – my horse is quite girthy, but she had no problems with this one. Even on the hottest days there was almost no sweat. It stretched a little bit after lots of use, but after washing it went back to the original size.”

Elico Memory Foam girth

Elico Memory Foam girth

Soft, memory foam inner and elasticated at both ends.

Black or brown


The verdict: “Soft and easy to fit, but difficult to keep clean.”

“It looked very smart and the padding was soft. The fit was a bit tighter than normal because of the added padding, but the spring-loaded buckles made it easy to adjust. It was tricky to keep clean, as the hairs stuck to it, and it was quite hot, but no more than some other synthetic girths.”

Horze Dakota girth

Horze Dakota girth

Horze Dakota

Contoured, webbed design with elastic at both ends.

Black or brown


The verdict: “Soft material, but prone to bunching.”

“I liked the softness of the synthetic material. The ends tended to bunch up a bit underneath the elasticated straps, although this didn’t cause any rubs or problems. It cleaned up well and the contoured design suited my horse.”

HyComfort waffle girth

 HyComfort waffle girth

Shaped material, textured for airflow with elasticated ends.

Black or brown


The verdict: “Good value but not the highest quality.”

“I was pleased with the overall performance – it was a good fit, prevented any slipping and didn’t chafe my horse. It was quick and easy to clean with a damp sponge, and although the material felt a bit cheap, it has lasted well and still looks like new.”

Cottage Craft shaped PVC girth

Cottage Craft shaped PVC girth

Elasticated on both ends for an even distribution of pressure.

Black or brown


The verdict: “An everyday girth at a good price.”

“I liked the soft, contoured design and the elastic ends kept the pressure even. It was easy to clean, just requiring a rinse, so was great for muddy days. My horse didn’t sweat any more than I expected with a synthetic girth.”

JHL Air Mesh Anti-Gall girth

JHL Air Mesh Anti-Gall girth

Sweat-reducing and anti-rub properties, with triple-layered elastic at both ends.


The verdict: “A good value girth, but lacking in colour options.”

“I was impressed with the quality, especially as it has such a reasonable price tag. It fitted my horse well, didn’t rub and was easy to clean. The elastic is strong and my saddle didn’t budge. It’s a shame black is the only colour option.”

Voltaire tack cleaning


Natural ingredients to soften and protect without chemicals.
Hercules glycerin soap £15 for 500ml
Hercules leather balsam £15 for 500ml

The verdict: “Expensive, but great results, even on old leather.”

“The soap only needed a small amount on a damp sponge to get my tack clean. The leather balsam was fantastic, I used it regularly on all my tack, including a very old saddle, and it brought out a deep, rich glow. It didn’t leave a film or make my saddle slippery and it smells amazing.”

Stübben tack cleaning


Gentle, pH-neutral soap and an intensive care conditioner.
Glycerin saddle soap £7 for 250g
Hamanol leather care £9 for 250g

The verdict: “Intensive and long-lasting, but needs working in.”

“The soap was fantastic – easy to work into the sponge and it didn’t foam up at all. It left a really great shine that remained for days, smelled lovely and improved the condition of the leather. The Hamanol is quite thick and needed working in, but did a great job.”

Showmaster tack cleaning


Oils and waxes to maintain leather.
Leather care spray £7.99 for 500ml
Leather balsam £4.49 for 500ml
Leather oil £4.99 for 500ml

The verdict: “Versatile and good value, but needs some effort to work in.”

“The spray was quick to use and left the leather clean but a bit dry. The oil was a great moisturiser for new tack, although it needed several applications. The balsam was much heavier and took some effort to work into the tack, but it’s great for leather girths on muddy days.”

Safe Equine tack cleaning

Safe Equine

Natural and gentle cleansing with a plant-based spray for cleaning bits and stirrups.
Tack pack, containing 750ml leather cleaner, 250ml balsam and 750ml multi-purpose cleaner for £17

The verdict: “Great value, everyday cleaning.”

“The leather cleaner lifted dirt and grime easily, and left a soft finish, even before applying the balm. Both products absorbed quickly without leaving a residue and smelt really nice. The multi-purpose cleaner left metalwork sparkling, too.”

Saddle Clinic tack cleaning

Saddle Clinic

Specially formulated for use on equestrian leather to nourish and protect.
Mould remover £9.95 for 250ml
Leather Revive £12.95 for 250ml

The verdict: “Great for long-term treatment of leather.”

“I used the mould remover to treat tack before storing it – months later it still looked clean and mould-free. The oil was a great conditioner, and was light, clean-feeling and didn’t darken the leather or leave any residue. Perfect for light-coloured leather, boots and accessories.”

Renapur tack cleaning


Natural products made from plant extracts that can be used diluted.
Clean and feed kit, containing 250ml leather cleaner and 200ml balsam for £21

The verdict: “Effective, deep cleaning, but needs working in.”

“I used the cleaner diluted in a bucket of warm water to strip every item of leather in the tack room and it was very effective. The balsam needed quite a lot of working in to stop it feeling sticky, but it left the leather feeling supple and soft.”

Prestige tack cleaning


Easy, gentle cleaner and an intensive conditioner.
Leather care kit, containing 200ml leather cleaner and 200ml leather conditioner for £19.83

The verdict: “Deep cleaning and conditioning, but a fiddly cap.”

“The cleaner did a good job of removing grease and dirt from my tack. It took a while to get used to how much to use and it was fiddly to keep screwing the lid back on. The balsam gave a great shine, and left the leather feeling soft and supple.”

Nettex tack cleaning


An antibacterial cleanser, a conditioner and a balm made with natural oils.
Traditional tack cleaner £4.05 for 500ml
Traditional tack conditioner £4.55 for 500ml
Premium leather balm £6.99 for 330ml

The verdict: “Effective on the dirtiest tack, but can require lots of product.”

“The cleaner did an amazing job on my tack after muddy cross-country rounds. The conditioner was also great, but I had to use a lot to get the best results. The balm left it shiny without a greasy residue.”

NAF Sheer Luxe tack clening

NAF Sheer Luxe

Deep cleaning with intensive nourishment and a light fragrance.
Cleanse and Condition £9.99 for 500ml
Leather balsam £9.99 for 400g
Leather food £9.99 for 500ml

The verdict: “Creamy, intensive condition with long lasting effects.”

“These products have a lovely smell. I’d prefer a more robust trigger, but the product worked well. The food is intensive and soaked in without leaving a residue. The balsam polished up well, but it was easy to use too much as it’s quite soft.”

Lincoln tack cleaning


An all-in-one cleaner and feed to provide natural protection and nourishment.
Total Tack Care spray £9.50 for 500ml
Superior Leather balsam £10.99 for 400g

The verdict: “Easy to apply, but dirtier tack required extra effort.”

“The spray trigger worked well and it was easy to control how much product I used. It took a couple of goes to get rid of really ingrained dirt. The balsam smelt nice, like honey, and made the leather soft and shiny. I only needed to use a small amount, so the tub lasted a long time.”

Kieffer tack cleaning


A gentle soap and an in-depth treatment cream to restore leather.
Glycerin saddle soap £4.20 for 200ml
Leather care cream £8.75 for 500ml

The verdict: “Good for restoring suppleness, but a slight sticky residue.”

“The soap effectively cleaned grease and dirt from the leather, but it was easy to use too much of it, which then lathered
up and left a slight stickiness to my tack.
The leather cream was very easy to apply, and it left my tack really supple and smelling clean.”

Groom Away tack cleaning

Groom Away

Protects, feeds and helps weatherproof leather, leaving a non-slippy, shiny finish.
Clean & Restore saddle soap £8 for 400g
Patent Shine for leather £11.50 for 200g

The verdict: “Good value cleaners for last-minute show ring shine.”

“The soap was brilliant and left leather residue-free with a soft, supple feel. The Patent Shine put a sparkling finish on my tack, perfect for before competitions. If applied immediately before getting on, it gave a bit of an adhesive quality, great for the inside of your boots!”

Gold label tack cleaning

Gold Label

Easy-to-use spray-on soap with a soft formula that’s kind to hands.
Glycerin liquid saddle soap £6 for 500ml
Soft Formula saddle soap £3.90 for 500g

The verdict: “Left a nice, if not long-lasting, shine to leather.”

“The convenience of the spray was fantastic for after riding – no need for water, just a dry cloth to wipe it over. The soft soap could be polished up for a nice shine, but the effects didn’t last as long as I would like so I was cleaning my tack more frequently.”

Belvoir Professional Equine tack cleaning

Belvoir Professional Equine

A pH-neutral cleaner and a clear conditioner with glycerine and coconut oil.
Tack cleaner £7.95 for 600ml
Conditioning spray £11.70 for 600ml

The verdict: “Easy and quick to use, but not intensive enough for big jobs.”

“The cleaner was easy to use and left the leather grease-free. It was really handy and quick, especially at competitions as it doesn’t need water. The conditioner added a good shine and I liked that it didn’t leave any foamy residue, although it wasn’t a very intensive product.”

Absorbine Leather Therapy tack cleaning

Absorbine Leather Therapy

Gentle on stitching, and can be used on tack, boots and synthetic leather.
Tack wash £16.73 for 473ml
Restorer & Conditioner £19.89 for 473ml

The verdict: “Everyday treatment with results worth the price tag.”

“The wash was great for everyday use, quick and with no need to rinse. It removed any dried sweat easily and didn’t stain white stitching. The conditioner absorbed well and made the leather noticeably more supple. Although it’s quite expensive, a little goes a long way.”


Childéric DSC dressage saddle

A new generation seat with a slim-line centre that allows for a deeper seat and better connection with your horse.
Colours: Black, master or Irish, in calf, buffalo or suede
Sizes: 16–18.5in

“I was slightly apprehensive about testing this saddle. It costs as much as my horse did and I found it hard to imagine that anything could be worth that investment. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the pre-fitting discussion to ensure the team brought the right saddles for me and my horse to try, to the fitting itself, where my comfort was taken into as much consideration as fit for my horse, to the follow-up aftercare to make sure the saddle was still fitting correctly, I was delighted with the service. The saddle fits my horse better than anything I’ve tried on him before and is the comfiest I’ve ever sat in. It really has transformed his way of going and helped improve my position significantly. I feel excited about schooling because I enjoy riding in it so much and I’m seriously considering trying the jump version. It’s a significant investment in a piece of equipment, but worth it if you can afford it”


Vespucci hand grip rubber reins

These reins have nearly double the number of leather grips for a precise, steady contact. They’re shorter than normal reins to avoid the danger of getting your foot caught up in the excess loop.

“The finish and the grip are top class.”


Silver Crown flexible reins

Made from internally-reinforced rubber with martingale stops and stainless steel fittings.

Tel: 01628 302301 shadowhorse.co.uk

“These are very good quality and have a unique finish with white stitching. They’re easy to hold and flexible. They’re a premium product at a premium price.”


Kincade soft padded reins

Traditionally-styled reins with leather martingale stops.

“These reins are very soft on my hands and I love the style of the martingale stops. The design is great for schooling, but I probably wouldn’t compete with them.”


John Whitaker red patent rubber reins

English leather with black rubber grip and brass buckles.

“They really stand out against my horse and have been much admired. They’re just the right width and thickness for my hand.”


JHL pro rubber grip reins

Rubber grip over internal webbing for strength. Pre-oiled leather with martingale stops, and stainless steel buckles and billets.

Tel: 01303 872277 wefi.co.uk

“They are very flexible in my hands and a bit shorter than my other reins, so great for jumping.”


Jeffries traditional laced reins

Made in Britain, these traditional reins are made to stand the test of time.

“These reins are well-made and designed to last.”


Hy continental reins

Continental webbed reins with leather grips and billet hook fastening.

Tel: 01522 529206 battles.co.uk

“Nice, basic reins at a good price. The leather is slightly stiff when attaching the reins to the bit.”


Horze selfoss rubber reins

Soft rubber reins reinforced with nylon, with snap hooks at the ends.

“Very flexible grip and I love the clips on the ends for ease of use. It would be great if they came in different lengths.”


Harry Dabbs continental reins

Double-layered English leather ends with hook studs, leather martingale stops and a fine layer of rubber interwoven with the webbing to provide extra grip.

Tel: 01239 614648 thermatex.co.uk

“I love the leather grips as they help me keep a consistent contact on the reins.”


GFS insider grip reins

Rubber on the inside of the rein gives discreet grip, ideal for showing.

“They aren’t too bulky and provide good grip, even in the rain.”


Fouganza Romeo reins

Web and rubber reins with raised, fancy-stitched bit ends. Includes leather martingale stops.

“I like how supple these reins are and the stitching detail on the padded leather bit end. The wing-shaped martingale rein stops are a great feature. The grip is fine with bare hands, but isn’t as good with gloves.”


Cottage Craft plain reins

Smooth leather reins that are stylish, durable and ideal for showing.

Tel: 01274 711101 cottagecraft.co.uk

“A good price for a nice pair of reins for showing or quiet hacking. They’re smooth, so they don’t have a great grip if your horse is strong.”


Collegiate rubber reins

Made from European leather with stainless steel fittings.

“Very grippy rubber reins that don’t slip through my hands when riding my strong horse.”


Caldene supergrip reins

Made from vegetable tanned leather that is eco-friendly, strong and supple.

Tel: 01274 711101 caldene.co.uk

“Grippy, continental-style reins with rubber woven in, good for dry weather and using with gloves. The rubber isn’t as grippy in wet conditions as they are when dry.”


Bridleway Melton rubber reins

Flexible grip with all the benefits of quality, vegetable-dyed leather. Includes leather martingale stops and hook stud billets.

Tel: 0845 2419970 bridlewayequestrian.com

“These are flexible and grippy – even in the rain. I like the martingale stops as my horse uses a running martingale for jumping.”

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