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If you enjoy jumping at home, why not invest in some funky fillers? Not only would they spice up your schooling, but adding a few bright colours and interesting shapes to your training will help desensitise your horse, which could give you an advantage at shows.

Fillers are a great training tool to have at home and not just for decorating your fences – they can be incorporated into schooling exercises on the flat, too.

Practise perfect centre lines by creating a channel to ride your horse through after your turn at A or use them as markers to ensure you’re hitting the correct points in the school when riding circles and loops.

Fillers come in all shapes and sizes, and using them to create your own version of a fence you both find tricky at competitions can be a real bonus. They can even be used on their own to practise jumping skinnies.

Did you know – you can have your own designs printed on fillers.

Top Tips

  • If you’ve set your heart on a particular filler and would like wings and poles to match, jump manufacturers usually offer a  jump package at a discounted price.
  • Introduce your horse to new fillers slowly so he can get used to them, as you don’t want to knock his confidence. School around them first so he can have a good look.
  • Give your plastic fillers a wipe down with warm, soapy water every once in a while to prevent staining. Wooden ones may require an annual touch-up with paint to keep them from rotting.

Polyjumps Jumps V-fillers

Price from £175

Sizes 2ft or 3ft

Available in a variety of designs and colours, this hanging V-filler is great for spook-busting.


Jump 4 Joy Mini filler

Price £220

The ideal filler for car lovers, this Mini design is double-sided and you can even add your own number plate to it, too.

Countryside Showjumps Arch fillers

From £59 each

Sizes 45cm or 60cm

These curved fillers come in a variety of designs and are easily portable.

Equitility banner

From £79

Sizes 60cm or 80cm

Available in hundreds of different designs, it makes a bright hanging filler.

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