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      1. Flexars are made in the UK

Our fabric is made in the UK and Flexars are manufactured in the UK, which means the founder of Laflex Equestrian, Loraine, has a great relationship with everybody who works hard to make Flexars the best they can be. Having the production process based in the UK also means we’re always carrying out quality control.


      1. Flexars are made from a thicker material

Flexars are made from Supplex Lycra, which is a much thicker material (320gsm) than most riding leggings. This means that they flatter all body types, including expectant mothers! We stock Flexars in XS to XL, fitting sizes 4-20.


      1. Flexars are made with flat-lock stitching

Flexars’ flat-lock stitching makes them super comfortable. Unlike some other brands, Flexars’ stitching sits flat against your skin and doesn’t dig in or leave marks. Our flat-lock stitching also makes Flexars very durable.


      1. Flexars are made from 17 individual sections of fabric

Each section is designed to be figure-hugging and durable, following the shape of your body rather than the one of a mannequin. The intricate make-up and Supplex Lycra fabric means there’s no chance of your Flexars sagging at the knee or going baggy.


      1. Flexars are for riding, for the gym and for everyday wear

Flexars are perfect for riding and all yard jobs. They’re perfect for the gym, too, as they’re made with a moisture wicking technology that draws sweat away from the skin. Flexars are also stylish enough to be worn with a pair heels for a night out or for relaxing at home. They’re an item of clothing you shouldn’t be without.


      1. Flexars have a super-high, comfortable waistband

Flexars’ flattering waistband is made from two layers of Supplex Lycra rather than an elastic waistband. This means it won’t dig into your skin or flip over in the wash.


      1. Flexars have extra padding on the inner knee

Flexar’s unique inner knee padding eliminates any problems you may have with gripping the saddle. The extra padding also helps prevent any uncomfortable saddle rub.


      1. Flexars have a practical pocket with a button fastening

Flexars have a pocket on the outer side of the right thigh, which holds everything from hip flasks to plus-size smartphones in case of emergencies. The button fastening ensures you’ll hold onto your gear during any task.


      1. Flexars have subtle, embroidered logos

We’re incredibly proud of our Flexars, but we let our product do the talking rather than any distracting logos – less is more in our eyes.


      1. Flexars have great feedback

We’ve got five-star ratings across our website and social channels, and our customers have been thrilled with both our product and our customer service. We’ve also had a range of celebrities love our Flexars – find out who by visiting our Instagram account, @Laflexequestrian.


To find out more about Flexars or order your pair, visit laflexequestrian.com


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