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Bake to support the Animal Health Trust

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Animal Health Trust Bake

Horse&Rider is supporting the Animal Health Trust as our Charity of the Year 2017. Why not get involved and organise your own bake sale to raise funds to support equine research?

Did you know that, when you call out your vet, many of the techniques they use were pioneered at the Animal Health Trust? From research into vaccines to improve quality of life and prevent disease, to the management and treatment of distressing conditions such as laminitis, cancer and arthritis, it’s highly likely that your horse has benefitted from the important work that goes on at the Animal Health Trust, even though you’ve never been there and may not even have heard of it.
So why not join the Horse&Rider team and organise a bake sale for your horsey mates (everyone loves cake, right?), with the proceeds going to support research that will directly benefit your beloved horses now and in the future?

Based in Newmarket, they treat 4,000 horses, dogs and cats each year. All the money that’s raised by treating these animals goes towards the research that takes place at the centre. The team of 200 vets, researchers and nurses are dedicated to improving animal health and finding out more about the diseases our pets suffer from and ways to prevent them, as well as developing new diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines.

Get started!
Download our Horse&Rider Bake for Equine Research pack. Organise the sale at your yard, then follow the instructions in the pack to send your proceeds direct to the Animal Health Trust.

Download your Donation Form

Download your Bake Sale Poster

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