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BEF staff get set to ‘Trot To Tokyo’

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BEF Trot to Tokyo

The British Equestrian Federation is marking the countdown to Tokyo 2020 with a mammoth ‘journey’ – and the help of an unusual co-worker

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) will be ‘trotting to Tokyo’ in time for the 2020 Olympic games with the help of a new colleague – a mechanical horse simulator, affectionately known as Henry.

The Trot to Tokyo challenge kicked off on 24 July 2019, exactly a year before the Tokyo Games’ opening ceremony, and will see Henry attempt to clock up 5,920 miles – the approximate distance from the BEF offices to Tokyo. He won’t be going it alone though, as he’ll be piloted by BEF staff members, Team GBR riders and the general public.

Throughout the challenge, Henry will be stabled in the middle of the BEF offices, just metres from the photocopier, for staff to take turns to ride him during the day. Keep your eyes peeled for Henry on the road, too, as he’ll be visiting shows and equestrian events across the country. He’ll be looking for members of the public to climb aboard and add to his journey total for a small donation, with the proceeds helping to fund our equestrian athletes’ journey to Tokyo 2020.

Updates on Henry’s progress will be posted on the BEF’s social media feeds, so supporters can follow him on his journey.

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