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Lindsay Middleton, Sprenger’s UK bitting expert

 A world leader in bit design and production, Sprenger’s commitment to product development and standards in quality means you can be assured of a premium product, while a lifetime guarantee that ensures value for money. They’re the bits of choice for leading riders including Charlotte Dujardin OBE, Carl Hester MBE, Laura Tomlinson and the Eilbergs.

Choosing the right bit

For competition use, you’ll need to check your bit is permitted for the discipline you’re competing in. Depending on who’s running the competition, such as British Riding Clubs or one of the affiliated disciplines, there’ll be guidance on the types of bits permitted in their rulebooks.


Sprenger’s KK Ultra bit is one of the brand’s most popular bits, and I always suggest trying it first. It has a sympathetic shape and unique middle link, angled forward by 45°, which means that it gives a sensitive connection between you and your horse.

If you try the KK Ultra and your horse is still too strong, then you might want to consider one of the Dynamic RS bits. These use the same design as the KK, but a slightly different curve to the mouthpiece gives you a more direct aid.

Showjumping and cross-country

Many riders find they need a little more control or their horse might be a little stronger when jumping. A popular choice for these disciplines is the Universal cheek, which is available in a KK Ultra or Dynamic RS version. Because of its three rings, the Universal cheek offers you more choice, as the reins can be attached in a number of ways. When attached to the big main ring it has a milder action, but if attached to the bottom ring it creates a mild gag action. The bit can be used with one rein, two reins or roundings, and you can also add a curb strap to reduce poll pressure and have a more direct action.

Choose Sprenger

Sprenger’s bits are easily recognised by the black ring at the cheeks and the white gold-colour mouthpieces. What’s unique about Sprenger bits is the use of a special material called Sensogan for the mouthpieces. Thanks to the unique combination of copper, manganese and zinc, the mouthpiece is less likely to tarnish and helps encourage salivation so you have a better connection with your horse.

For bitting queries contact Lindsay on lindsay@zebraproducts.co.uk or by calling 07779 999746. Visit zebraproducts.co.uk/stockists for stockists’ information.

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