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BlueChip April fools balancer

Blue Chip Feed is launching a limited edition of its revolutionary new Super Concentrated Auto Clean feed balancer. This unbelievable, time-saving feed balancer does away with the need to groom your horse or pony because mud and stains will magically disappear.

Ten years ago Blue Chip’s founder, Clare Blaskey, was on safari in Botswana when she noticed that the zebras were in fantastic condition with gleaming coats, even after they’d rolled in the dust, or been knee-deep in mud at the watering hole. Within ten minutes they were pristine clean with a blinging diamanté shine.

Clare asked the guide about this phenomenon, and he explained that the zebras ate a plant the locals called Phepafatsa which translates as ‘clean up’. He took Clare to watch the zebras eating the young shoots off the Phepafatsa plant, which looked like rosemary with dark blue flowers.

The guide explained that local people used the plant roots, which the women would pound to a paste and put on stained clothing and stains would vanish. Clare took a cutting of the plant and sent it to a friend who works in research at Kew Gardens. He discovered that it was a variant of rosemary that he had not seen before and started to cultivate the herb.

For the next 10 years, cultivation and trials on this magical plant continued until a sustainable crop could be produced. Trials were carried out on 100 horses and ponies of various types and colours. They proved to be 100% successful, with no side effects, and the product has been passed as competition legal.

Research has still not found exactly how this wonderful powerful herb is able to produce these self-cleaning properties, but it’s been found to have extremely high levels of Vitamins A, P, R, I and L1.

At the time of going to press only 500 tubs can be produced per month and these will be available only on subscription from wwwbluechipfeed.com

The full research papers are available at www.bluechipfeed.com/pages/gotu

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