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Horseracing has become a global phenomenon thanks to the digital advances of the online age. Today, you can watch races in the UK, Hong Kong or Australia via live streaming or international broadcasting deals and, inevitably, this has opened up what was once something of a closed shop to a far wider audience.

More people watching, whether it’s for the love of the spectacle or to try and win a little money with some well-placed bets, is great news for the sport. But it also means there are plenty of novices out there who are relatively new to the nuanced world of racing. If that includes you, then don’t worry – you’re in good company. The even better news is that there are plenty of online resources and apps to help you along.

Choosing the best apps

Type “horse racing apps” into Google Play or the App Store and you’ll be presented with hundreds of possibilities. From racing tips to bookmakers, live streaming to virtual racing games, the choice is endless. Fortunately, there are specialist sites such as the Gambling App Store that can help you sort through them – for example, if you click here, you’ll see a run-down of the special offers that some of the top bookmakers were providing in the run-up to this month’s Cheltenham Festival.

Let’s take a look at three apps that every horse racing beginner needs on his or her smartphone…

  1. Betfred

With so many to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down to one betting app and you’d be wise to check out the list mentioned above to see who’s offering what promotions on a given day. However, if we had to choose one for a beginner, it would be the Betfred app. It provides a basic, simple, no-frills betting platform that couldn’t be easier to get to know – exactly what’s needed for a beginner.

  1. Horse Races Now

One of the most attractive aspects of today’s racing apps is the ability to watch live streams. It helps you feel as though you are really there, even if the race is being run on the other side of the globe. If live streaming is important to you, there are a few sites to choose from, but Horse Races Now is hard to beat. The app is focused on US race meetings, but also has live streams from elsewhere in the world and features a wealth of statistics, plus a whole library of race replays for you to watch.

  1. Race Betting Calculator

Anyone new to race betting can find themselves getting tied in knots with the different types of bets, each ways, accumulators and so on. This app takes care of all the mathematics and note-taking for you. Just plug in the bets you’re thinking of placing, in any combination, and it’ll keep track of them all and present you with updated odds. Beginners love this app, but the most experienced racing enthusiasts are also finding it an enormously useful, powerful tool.


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