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Feel you’re spending more time cleaning up after your horse than riding him? Take advantage of this latest innovation, designed to help you spend more time in the saddle.

Horses are messy, this much we know, and following your horse around cleaning up after him feels a somewhat labourious task. We’re all guilty of cutting corners now and then to save time however, it pays to take a look at the latest products on the market, such as the new Quick Pick, to see how you could optimise your regime.

It’s all in the detail

If your routine consists largely of shifting barrow after barrow, you’ll likely be acquainted with the associated aches and pains. Wrist stress injuries, such as repetitive strain injury, are one of these aches that could be avoided if you look out for some careful design details. The Quick Pick features foot plates, which can be anchored to the ground. This means you can ease the strain and use both hands while raking, reducing the risk of these potential perils.

Grand designs

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, but when time comes at a premium it pays to be efficient. The Quick Pick offers twice the capacity of a standard scoop and its flip feature means the first heap of manure will drop to the back of the bucket leaving space for the next pile. This means you’ll be emptying it less often, but also with nothing rolling back out after collecting, you’ll be able to make the most of all available space.

Save the strain

Back strain is a common complaint among horse owners, whose day is often tasked with turning, lifting and twisting heavy objects. All of these things can lead to painful tweaks  but it’s important not to neglect your back – you’ll soon regret it if you do! The Quick Pick’s design has back health at heart – sitting just above knee height it needn’t be lifted far off the floor to be moved. Similarly, when it comes to emptying, it has a strong easy empty rear handle, so can be emptied efficiently without twisting your body.

In addition, the tool can be used from a range of different positions depending on your strength or style, so you can avoid getting into any uncomfortable positions.

Keep clean

As poo-picking needs to be done whatever the weather, with the Quick Pick you can keep your boots clean with the integral boot scraper. By standing on the left footplate, you can scrape your right foot clean and vice versa.

Matchy matchy

The Quick Pick is built to use alongside the Quick Pick rake that combines a long and chunky handle with especially angled prongs, so you can flick droppings out of a number of surfaces including grass, shavings and sand. The Quick Pick is available in a range of colours, including pink, purple, red, blue, green and black – with the same colourways offered for the rake.

For more information, please visit quickpickequine.co.uk

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