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Equi Role Global is the new app for the global equine industry. Focusing on recruitment, it allows employers to match their vacancy requirements with the skills and experience of candidates around the world.

Employers register with the app for free, and once registered, they can create a role that outlines the job title and skills required. The app is also free for candidates.

Candidates register their profile and state where they want to work, chosen industries and preferred roles. They select their skills, then upload their CV, photos and videos of their skills.

The app then matches employer requirements to candidates with the required skills and chosen job. Employers can shortlist candidates, offer them interviews and offer them jobs via the app.

Candidates can browse through matching roles and apply, accept interviews and accept jobs via the app. Notifications are sent to all users when each of these activities happen, so everyone is kept up to date.

Equi Role Global is for all role types in equine industries worldwide.

The Android app will be out soon. Employers with an Android phone can use the website until the Android app is released.

Equi Role Global App

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