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Equine charity sends plea for help with spiralling vet fees

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HAPPA Vet bill news

Horses and Ponies Protection Association (HAPPA) are asking friends, supporters, and followers to dig deep after a recent rescue of a herd of Shetland ponies

In April 2022, HAPPA was alerted to a Shetland with severely overgrown feet, and they immediately sent an equine inspector to investigate and after discussions with the pony’s owner a vet and farrier were booked. The equine inspector also arranged a follow up call with the owner to make sure the pony was doing okay.

However, when it came to the time for the follow up visit it became evident that the owner was struggling to cope with their five Shetland stallions. The upkeep and management was becoming a challenge and after a lengthy talk it was decided that the best thing for the ponies was for them to be signed over to HAPPA.

HAPPA’s Head of Equine Operations, Amanda Berry, explains: “Recognising that help was needed, this owner took the best possible option for these Shetlands and now their future is secure with the charity. Not all cases are about wilful neglect, sometimes people do sadly find themselves in difficult circumstances. We must do what’s best in the interest of the horse’s welfare and taking these ponies into our care was the right thing for all concerned.”

The ponies were safely rounded up, with help from World Horse Welfare, and taken to start their new lives at HAPPA’s rescue centre in Lancashire. The ponies, now named Angus, Archie, Calum, Duncan and Hamish all needed veterinary and farriery treatment, as well as gelding under the charity’s no-breeding policy.

Amanda continues, “I’m glad that we’ve been able to bring these ponies into Shores Hey Farm, but our veterinary bill’s huge at the best of times. It’s estimated that for wormer, vaccinations, feet trim and gelding for all five ponies will be around £5,000. We could really do with some help and ask all our supporters to get behind our Shetland’s Vet Bill Appeal.

“Please give whatever you can afford as every £1 will help us reach our target to help the Shetland ponies in HAPPA’s care and get them on the road to eventually being matched with a forever home.”

If you’d like to donate to the Shetland Vet Bill Appeal, visit happa.org.uk

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